Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Unmask the mysterious identity of England’s most violent and notorious killer in Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper! The year is 1888 in the Whitechapel district of London’s East End and a sinister series of crimes have taken place. The bodies of several women have been found and the police have been unable to find any leads. Sherlock Holmes, England’s greatest detective sets out to find clues in the dark and gloomy streets of Whitechapel, following a macabre trail to shed light on the true identity hiding behind the terrifying nickname!

Musulmanes Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Take the case of perfumes from the counter. Learn that the Battle Slots boys got the pouch. Learn about Margie that had a previous encounter with Leather Apron. Holmes automatically changes clothes Mahjong Epic 2 returns. Learn about the robbery and the walking stick's description. Click the arranged comb and then click on the muslin at the foot of the body. Holmes arrives. If an icon is seen at top right of screen during gameplay, it means something in the portfolio has been updated. September 2, Baker's St. The jewel with Hebrew inscription is taken. Adjustments to testimonies based on Church clock. We need to have all the flow to the small vertical pipe at the bottom. Read in documents Dr.

Click on the back of the desk. Watson diagnoses him to have less than a month left. The options menu has video setup, graphic setup and sound setup selections. Listen to Holmes. Nichol's killer is a strong man. Place the case of perfume on the table. Organs are missing. She took her eyes off the coat stand where the cane was only for a while. Holmes automatically changes clothes and returns. Take note of the curvature of the nail. Right click to turn the paper. See icons beside the information. Yes Credible motive, even if it's a field that Sherlock doesn't know. The jewel with Hebrew inscription is taken. Cadosch in garden - place man walking left at

Nobody is here. Look close first person at cage. Pick up 2 lead pipes, rusted iron dishes, perfume atomizer, small planks and little stick from scrap heap. No Specimen for the sole purpose of study? Holmes will identify the perfume for her. If Holmes agrees, the 3 arrows will light up. Watson nudges Holmes' conscience about the situation. Mary was at the counter then. Gibbons about the medicine.

Finley requests a favor in return of his getting the pouch-satchel. Pick up the glass shards. Select the possible position of the victim, method of murder, left or right hand, wound and position of murderer. Locate the truncus pulmonaris which is the artery middle of the cross section picture. Take the rolled coded message. Use the snake pole on snake. Go to bottom screen and take the animal book from bottom shelf at left. Talk to the bartender about Bulling. Right click to go back to main screen and see the item at top right of screen. Click on the door and see the church clock on one of the towers. The aim is to get the jewel to the open area at right side. Go back to pet shop. Victim had her throat slit A little pool of blood The blood didn't flow in strong spurts. The murderer must have been sitting on victim.

He wants a board. Take a surgical instrument. Bella Poolmann, the Madam can help. At right bottom of the screen is the option to change from first person or third person perspective or click the middle mouse scroll wheel to do the change in perspective. Once the magnet with hook is at top left hole, click to hold it in place. These items belong to the victim. Wiggins points out that Captain is at the end of the street. Cadosch in garden - place man walking left at Go to cell at right and talk to Squibby. Exit the clinic. Door opens. Go and talk to Constable Chandler standing in front of the Cats Meat sign.


Open the police bag: Take the police bag from the table. Whitechapel PM: I would recommend that you walk the Whitechapel area and see-talk to characters. An envelope was brought out by the victim. The brother of a patient paid for a prosthesis with a walking cane. Talk to Humphries. Right click to go back to the puzzle. Give her the Valerian bottle and find out how many constables are in the station. Tumblety, a Canadian or American. Get the bartender to let you in the locked door: Talk to the bartender. The journalist is Tom Bulling. Talk to Abraham about gas mask. If correct, it will be bordered green.

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  1. Watson deduces that Leather Apron didn't do the latest murder because he was seen at the fire. Watson convinces Isaac to get John to go to the police and be absolved of the prostitute's murder based on the testimony of Margie as told to the doctor at the clinic. Numbers of dates attached by column: 4 dates for the 2 outside shelves and 5 dates for the middle shelves. Long and A.

  2. Take nails and old cloth-rag from bench. Victim wasn't dragged. Click on lamp to comment about poorly lit street.

  3. Read the page in documents to learn that valerian or capon's tail attracts cats. The saved game can be deleted using the X at top right of the picture. If an icon is seen at top right of screen during gameplay, it means something in the portfolio has been updated.

  4. Watson tells Holmes to get some medicine to relieve the Captain's cough. Use magnifying lens and click on pool of blood. Long and A.

  5. In inventory, combine perfume puffer and atomizer taken from Finley trash pile to make perfume atomizer. Nichols was dead before being stretched and having her throat slit. New frames appear.

  6. Learn about Margie that was let go due to illness and about Dr. Frame 2 of 2: The corpse was still warm. Select 2 foot oils from left frame and place them on top of the base.

  7. The round knob and tip are chiseled silver with a ring around the middle of the cane. Look close first person at cage. The 2 magnets move opposite each other. The murderer stole Chapman's rings. Learn about Captain and his niece after the boarding house's alley.

  8. Click on the? Automatically get harnesses for prosthesis. Holmes took one pill. In inventory, combine perfume puffer and atomizer taken from Finley trash pile to make perfume atomizer. The journalist is Tom Bulling.

  9. Go to cell at right and talk to Squibby. Look close at pipes. The bruise was caused by hard pressure with fingers.

  10. Click on drop down arrow and select the logical deduction based on the observations of connected papers. Look around this area. Humphries needs a description of Leather Apron and about journeyman who uses aprons.

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