Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy

The sound of a hundred voices call to Delaware St. John and lead him to the site of a decrepit amusement park. The site closed four years earlier after a collapse killed more than a hundred people. As Delaware explores the area he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place. Delaware St. John: Sea Cliff Tragedy is an adventure game full of suspense and excitement.

The door is now opened. Go left, forward, face a closed gate and then turn right. Chapter 2. Dining room - Turn around from the refrigerator and enter the dining room. Clicking there will either turn or move your character in that direction. Load Game: Displays a list of games that have been saved while playing the game. On the ground to the right of the gate, but behind the fence, is a Hacksaw. Turn until you see the stove. Continue up the path ahead for 3 clicks, until you have passed a clown on your right. Go back to the kitchen. Open the door and move forward to meet up with Delaware. Look at the top of the desk and see children's pictures. Give the bracelet to Cindy. Look for the 8th skeleton - Use the key on this door.

Move forward to the hall. Turn back, move forward and turn right. Delaware has not had his dreams for a few weeks. Go down the stairs to the cellar. At first glance the scenes appear very dark. You need to return all the way to the parking lot. Go forward until out of the walled area's gate. You will come to in the same place, but you will earn fewer points towards your total score in the game. Great pictures! Go back through the gate, right and you might see another shadow people. Outside Turn right, move forward, turn right and move forward-left to the gate. After the cutscene, the game switches to Delaware. Enter the cars and turn right to the roller coaster shed. He has been trying to find out more information about his parents.


Delaware Saint John - The Seacliff Tragedy Walkthrough Part 4

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Go forward and then right. Delaware gets a vision of a bean bag at the foot of a white wrapped foot statue. Carousel - Go to the Carousel area. The sound is excellent the graphics are great too no they are not top notch but they are fairly good. Use the can of liquid grease on the door hinge at top left. I miss this type of challenge. Turn right, move forward, turn right and examine the cans game. Employee Building Move forward, turn left, move forward-right, forward, turn left and move forward to the door. Go Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy inside the roller coaster area. Flip the switch to on - nothing. Examine Farm Life lockers and then examine locker Open the locker and select the map to see an X near the Gravity Drop ride: Exit the view of the map and then move back twice to exit the view of the lockers. It leads to the Furnace Room. Turn left until you see the Sewer Map. Turn right so you are facing a green building.

Use the tube of face paint on the door. Note the colors present on each row: red, green, blue, yellow. Examine the drawing of the boy and the hunter: Examine the hunter on the drawing: Kelly says that she will have to show the drawing to Delaware. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by svgm from I had to play it bit by bit with the walk through, but still I enjoyed it so much! There is no autosave, so you will want to save just before you quit. There is a grate here that is marked with a 1. John: The Seacliff Tragedy. Look around. It goes left. Go forward once. Use the brick on the brick wall. This time when you are facing the refrigerator, turn left.

Open it. Turn right, and you will see the clown where Simon spoke to you. Turn right, move forward twice, Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 right, move forward, turn left, move forward through gate 7, turn right and move forward twice to see a ladder. Great pictures! Turn left to see the Gate. Let's check the locked door at the end. Simon tells Delaware that Protectors are passed through the bloodlines. You can look around, but every side path will be blocked. Examine the drawing of the boy and the hunter: Examine the hunter on the drawing: Kelly says that she will have to show Tye drawing to Delaware. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Delaware St. Turn around and see that the clown statue by the spiked gate is gone. Select the photo button on the VIC panel to send a picture to Simon. Kelly has hidden in the truck, and wants to do her own Ths. Select the door handle to see that it is stuck. Date published: The Inquisitor

Take the ball from the bench. Look close and see a brief red X on the Tunnel of Terror. Use the ESC key at any time to bring up the Save menu. You are now at the other side. Go forward to the funhouse. Use the Can of Grease from your inventory on the door. Go forward and Kelly talks to Miss Rose. Look around the Master Bedroom. Move back from the view of the key. Use the fist icon to force the door open. Turn until you see the stove. Select the numbers to open the briefcase. Which meaned I had to keep going to the main screen so That I could look at the walkthough guide. Delaware meets a shadow person.

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  1. Look around. More clown statues! Turn right and go behind the roller coaster chairs. Giant Clowns Now you want to go back to the Parking Lot. Open the big box right of the ladder and see another skeleton.

  2. Move forward-right to meet Katherine. As Delaware: Let's go to the walled area still not explored. You are now in the dead-end tunnel in the center of the map.

  3. Open the door and enter the bathroom. Go forward until the end of the ramp. Go forward and take a look at the map of the park at right. Turn right, move forward three times, turn right to see two benches.

  4. Turn right, forward and right. Examine the hacksaw behind the fence. Turn left and move forward twice to the living room.

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