Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer

Nicole Bonnet is a young, but experienced, FBI agent following a series of mysterious and brutal murders. A strikingly similar death is discovered across the ocean in Paris, and Nicole must now track a dangerous serial killer across two continents! Find the link between the victims, discover the killer`s motive, and stop the murderer from striking again in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer, a dark Large File Adventure game. Warning: Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer contains some graphic content.

Use crushed pencil with paper to get powdered lead. Agent takes a photo of it and collects the floorboard using the plastic sleeve. You also have to save the game as it's not done automatically. And there are no hints. It is the FBI boss. Look close at lamp. Pierre is back at his desk. Nicole strips the mop leaving only the pole left click on it in the inventory and uses it to close the window. It's too far. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by PhillieKat from Great Exciting Game I started to love these types of games after playing the Syberia series. Talk to Pierre again about kitchen - coffee and croissant. See a loose plank.

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The top plank breaks. There's a doll at the foot of the dancer. Then, she uses sticky tape to get the finger prints off the Stones of Rome and onto the paper. I played it for about 2 weeks. Nicole hits him with her laptop. Exit the building. You can also take picture of this evidence in inventory if the plank on the floor is not taken. She smashes the pencil with a stapler and spills the graphite onto a Hynt of paper which she oc presses against the glass. Battle Slots key skips intro, cutscenes and also accesses the main menu. There are some humorous parts of dialog, but what I didn't like was the Inspector's blatant disregard for women in authority and Nicole calling him a Frog. Hmm, same as the output of the adapter of the antenna. Days of playing and figuring out puzzles is what a pure adventure game is all about as well as reading Mueder: the dialogues and scouring the scenes. It is VERY hard. And there are no hints. Click on the plug of the antenna and it is lf attached to the wires of the bulb socket.

The DVD disk is needed in the drive to play. A journal allows gamers to go back and read all dialogues and other police records. Pierre is back at his desk. Look close at the broken railing. It is VERY hard. Date published: Inspector leaves. After she takes out the last item, a button is revealed on the revealed on the right side of the drawer. Use swab of cotton on the crystals by her mouth to get dirty swab. Pull back. I really didnt expect to like this game as much as I did. There's a tool box in the middle of the room. Take 4 bars: 3 bars that are still attached two at bottom and one at top and a loose bar on the ledge. Click on the right plug of the adapter thus unplugging the cord of the antenna.

She passes the evidence to the policeman in the corridor click on him and leaves. It did feel like some BIG improvement over the previous game, though. You also have to save the game as it's not done automatically. The cell phone rings. One thing worth noting regarding the trial version is that you can accomplish all of the Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist in the scene in under the given hour, but you are not allowed to progress to the next scene in the game.

My reason for putting myself as a "beginner. Right click the driven-in hook holding her up. Take camera. Use dirty swab on plastic sleeve to get swab with crystals in a plastic sleeve. Exit through front door and talk to the police officer. Chair - Check the knocked over chair right of dancer. Click twice at bottom middle part of laptop to start sending data. Inspector Pety stops Nicole from touching the desk and the wheel. Go to the cabinet right of the stairs. If you pick it up before taking a photo you can do it in your inventory Time to leave the room. A totally thrilling and engrossing game. Lower window with fingerprint - Take a picture of the fingerprint on the window.


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Check the plug on the wall. Date published: Sometimes I found it helpful and sometimes not as it just brings up question marks. Send the pictures to main office: Get the antenna to work: Go to the desk at the corner. The police car stalls. What a rush! The hint system for me was a hit and miss. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by megwoman25 from Wish there were more games like this This was my first point and click adventure game. She passes the evidence to the policeman in the corridor click on him and leaves. Drawer - Look close at bottom drawer. Use the aluminum wire, properly bent on the lock of the window. Other reviewers called it a 'third person point of view' game. Look close and see an open window at top and a lower window that has fingerprint. I sure hope they decide to go back to 'adventure" for this series. Go back inside.

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  1. Map - Look at map and note that the wind rose's cardinal directions are written in colors. Order of hook number to turn Color Direction to turn hook to: 5. Sylvie gives a hairclip. Talk to the policeman. The one thing which actually did feel much better for me was the GAMEPLAY, as this time around, the devs managed to combine the classic point'n'click features with the modern impatient players and will to progress without freaking over it too much.

  2. Felt a bit rushed at the end but it is fine if you lower your expectations a bit. Labels of items or actions that can be done on an item are seen on top of the game screen when the cursor hovers on that item. The 5th one is missing a hook.

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