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Prince Djarma is the last in a noble line of ancient Viziers from the northern kingdom of Ultai. He has returned to his family's ancestral pyramid to find it turned into a crypt filled with the denizens of the Order, a dark and mysterious cult bent on conquest. Djarma only help is an unlikely ally: the undead warrior Kraiten, who seeks to lift a curse placed upon him by the Undead King. Explore dungeons, solve mystic puzzles, learn magic spells, and gather unique artifacts to aid their quest.

There is nothing further south of this path for now. After that you will get a Carchacashkamer crystal eye. And take one last look at it and head down past the Pazara fortress and on your way for the next cut scene. Go up into the next cave. The holocaust wraith has an extremely powerful physical attack and will kill you in one go. There is a girl that is captured that they are going to eat. Find the key to get the chest. In the south exit of the town, talk to the guy guarding the way south. Be sure not to kill it. Stand under the lower middle pylon walk down and open a chest to find a indinera potion. Go back outside On the next screen look at the rock and get 11 gold.

Go back left and head down to the bridge where a bunch of monsters are waiting. The pappalis powder can be used in chapter 3 to make Exp eggs. You will get 20 gold for your effort. Head back to the market and use the map in your inventory. One eventually loses count of the number of characters who join together to battle a supreme evil. Go up the stairs and follow the path. The holes in the floor are empty. Open the left draw to get a lizard village map. It really pushes RPG Maker's capabilities above and beyond, I love how the base avatars are really brought to life with beautiful hand-drawn combat sprites, character portraits, and sometimes close-ups. Head south first and then head down the first bridge. Go up the second path and get the explosive mushroom. Best thing to do is dodge them all if you can. And get pirates dust.

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Jump on the tree and it will either fall off the cliff or land on the ledge beside you. It will cost 4 food rations. Go Fprce the right room. You will give him your house for his generosity. Open the chest to get the life Sparkle 2. What it will give is an involving story, linked to Laxius Force game Sparkle 2. You will end up with 13 left. He seems surprised to see you but he will let you in anyway. Quest 4- Help Vanina Q3 You will come across some water tigos. Kurus blessing will protect you. In the bottom right there is a chest containing 11x food rations. You will get a Llunaha dust.

Go into the bottom building. Where that explosive mushroom was stand on the right side of the hole facing the cliff and Sarah will jump up and get the prismatic crystal. Get the two more silver powders up the top. If you like side quests, this will be the nearest thing to heaven this side of playing episode 2. If you fight the Kuru and you kill him you will get his armor, which is the best armor in chapter one, and much hate from the townspeople. Or you can head out just for the fun of exploration! When you return to the market you have lost two levels. There's nothing "linear" about it She will say they enjoy bathing in the lakes that are there. Pick it up and you have got the Reeker bulb. And move onto the next map. He will tell you to visit the inn. Walk across the bridge, slightly hidden by a tree is a chest.

The characters are still pleasant to play with and the story follows its paths Laxius Force surely as usual. In the bottom right there is a chest containing 11x food rations. The sylvan is Sparkle 2 hostile so you can just talk to it or if you are feeling evil you can kill it and get the random gaia dust. Go up again and pick that apple as well. The gate leading into the fortress is firmly locked. The feather mattress allows you to sleep where you like providing you can tell them where you want to use it on. The tiled graphics, the slightly cheesy plots, the menu-based combat and the raw challenge of felling massive foes are a part of my blood.

You will be fatigued and you will also be attacked by many noisy lizards. It will take four rations to go which she has already. Enter into the town hall, the building on the upper left. Head up north and you will find a waterway with a red toad in the middle. When you are finished Vaninas share of the gold went over the falls so offer to give her half of your share. I will also add that Laxius Force is the first part of a trilogy, so don't expect the story end here. Go under the arch to find another chest with 74 gold in it. All while battling countless foes, earning experience, and equipping your party with powerful weapons and armor. Go up until you see a blue crystal. Work your way back to the main room and give the mushroom to Panina the head mermaid. Dont talk to her just yet. If you run onto the next screen and Random will say that it could get really dangerous if you continued so he turns back. Your mission is to get him to come down. The guy in here is also offering a deal on a torrent blade for 12K.


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  1. Head back to the split and take the upper path. Now head back up to the well and go down it. The Mist wraith in the top right is killable.

  2. He will ask you to get a golden butterfly. The 3 part series is epic in scope, beginning with Laxius Force 1. In the north wall check above the first yellow patch and you will find a power pepper. Walk up to the straw dummy and get the small key Light the torch to see a bit better. Next to the sylvan in front of you in the u shaped building look at the wall where the top right stone square is to get a healing potion.

  3. Check the log in the middle of the screen. Go up the middle path. Go clear them all out. Quest Get Back Rebecca Try to avoid these.

  4. Go left and kill all the squid guarding the way. In the water to the top there is an azure pearl. You will lose the gold if you choose this option.

  5. Keep following that road even though there are a crazy amount of giant hornets. Marilyis uses mermaid death dance first then haanakuna. What it will give is an involving story, linked to brilliant game play.

  6. Go left and up. This Hydra can be a tough cookie. Quest Find and Unearth the reeker bulb Q15 Not too bad, considering how most role playing games simply reload your last save.

  7. Quest 4- Help Vanina Q3 Here is another Cycca leaf. I remember years ago when I first played Final Fantasy, and as I continued to follow the Series, I swore no game could ever compare!

  8. Head back to the market. The front sylvan will tell you that is what their rules are. Once you get a few characters together you'll need to do some party management to keep things flowing smoothly.

  9. Go back downstairs and enter the cave that is now unblocked. However if you duel him with sarah, when you win a statue of sarah will be constructed. Once it is open pick up the Prismatic cristal off the floor beside you.

  10. It is really fabulous and oh so retro. Leave this area. Light the torch to the left. Explore around the town. Go back outside

  11. Pick up the mushroom. Talk to the guy in the top right to get the quest. Quest complete!

  12. Leave the cave and sell the reeker bulb if you want because it will poison you when you leave the town or there is a quest later on in chapter 3 if you want to keep it and complete it. The Eternal warrior wandering around in the middle randomly drops a healing herb. He will let you in.

  13. If you run onto the next screen and Random will say that it could get really dangerous if you continued so he turns back. You will find a hidden creek. Go in.

  14. The chest on the right has three food rations. Then go left through the gap to move onto the next screen, the river side. Go straight ahead and you reach Eja falls. Turn right again after the spider web to confront the three emerald drakon. The chest in the middle is booby trapped.

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