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Prince Zuko has been welcomed back to the Fire Nation by his father, Fire Lord Ozai. But Zuko`s uncle Iroh has been imprisoned. Now, Lord Ozai has his eyes set on conquest. Will Zuko help his father take over the world, or will he heed the advice of his uncle and bring peace to the four nations? This is the path that Zuko must walk, but it must be you who decides where that road takes him.

Zuko openly berates his father and states his intention to help Aang overthrow him. They'd met the Earth king, they'd gotten rid of Long Feng, and they'd persuaded the king to assist them in the invasion. My nephew is a complicated young man. His previous firebending was fueled primarily by anger, so it was therefore much weaker when he chose his new path. Aang knew that the Fire Nation took honor very seriously, and it seemed that Zuko felt his honor hinged on the capture of the Avatar. He enlists Korra's father Tonraq and her cousins, Desna and Eska, to keep the last of Zaheer's allies from being freed, but their efforts were unsuccessful. And Zuko, for all his anger and misplaced determination, seemed to listen to his uncle. Zuko works with Mai and Aang in order to restore order, however, he acts ruthlessly with his people after his sister Kiyi is taken. They would find Appa. In the Fire Nation, everyone is expected to do their part for their country. How do we know we can trust them? In Legend of Korra, the elderly Zuko now sports a lengthy beard and long white hair, much like his Avatar great-grandfather Roku. He says he can teach me to control the Avatar State. At that moment, Aang decided he no longer cared if Zuko decided to attack. Aang wanted to reach the room as quickly as possible, but he was afraid of what he might find.

He wants to help me take the next step in the Avatar journey. It's good to see you again! He strives to regain honor and attention in his father's eyes by trying to capture the Avatar in his name, but after returning to the Fire Nation from his years of banishment, he realized his father's ill feelings towards him couldn't be fixed, even by capturing the Avatar. You had him, and then you had nowhere to go! Peace is restored, and Zuko realizes that forcing Aang to make the promise was a way of distancing himself from his responsibilities as Fire Lord. Iroh sighed, looked down at his tea, and then back at the four friends. Zuko reluctantly adapts to his new life until he learns of Aang's presence in Ba Sing Se and attempts to steal Appa. The chain that had bound Appa's front foot lay broken on the ground, cut neatly in two. I think it's safe to leave them alone. I don't have that luxury! Zuko competes in his quest against Zhao, an ambitious Fire Nation admiral. They'd met the Earth king, they'd gotten rid of Long Feng, and they'd persuaded the king to assist them in the invasion. Aang wasn't afraid of Zuko, but he knew better than to underestimate him. Katara gently pushed him away and said "Easy there, big brother. Aang turned his attention towards the lake, shouted "Appa, yip yip!

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During the invasion of the Northern Water Tribe, Wonderland Solitaire captures Aang, but both are nearly killed in a snowstorm. Zuko had to duel his own father. What was he going to say? Zuko initially recoiled when Aang ran by, and for a second looked as though he might attack again, but caught himself, and reluctantly relaxed again. But the only Agatar: Aang noticed was who they were standing in Dreamland Solitaire of. Zuko's interpretation of firebending uses long, aggressive techniques that explode and drive through the opponent; quick, successive attacks that utilize momentary bursts of extreme "explosive" power; with fundamentally strong movements' and the usage of powerful, quick manoeuvres. Aang wondered again, why was Zuko so obsessed? He had never wanted to be the Avatar, and yet that had been his destiny all the same. Sokka obeyed, and Avatar: Path of Zuko three of them continued to watch the masked figure. What was the story behind that scar? The four friends sat in silence, Zukko tea forgotten, as they pondered what Iroh had just told them. The four friends looked oc and saw Iroh and Zuko turn to see what the noise was. But now he remembered, and all the conflicting emotions Judge Dee: The City God Case had about the banished prince returned in full. Iroh Avatat: at ease, but Zuko Afatar: extremely uncomfortable, and seemed unable to say anything. He felt slightly relieved that he might not have to talk to Zuko just yet, and that Zuko was in no condition to try to fight him.

But Zuko misunderstood. After a moment of silence, he said quietly "I don't know. Kori Morishita attempts to assassinate Zuko in retaliation for forcibly relocating the multicultural residents of the Fire Nation colonies. Zuko looked back at Aang again, his expression defiant. Zuko and Iroh had of course never been on a flying bison before, and Aang had to bite back the urge to laugh at their terrified expressions. Aang wasn't sure. He couldn't see what Zuko would want with Appa, but he didn't know who else Zuko could be talking to. After the battle with his father during the solar eclipse, Zuko leaves to join Aang and his friends on their mission to defeat the Fire Nation. One of them, a new shop called the Jasmine Dragon, was scheduled to open in a few days. Aang, who had crawled onto Appa's neck, turned around to look at everyone. When Azula faces defeat she forces Zuko to place himself in the path of a lightning bolt aimed at Katara, which leaves him wounded and immobile. But Fire But Iroh seemed to think that Zuko could change. It turned out to be only a short walk away from the palace, and before they knew it they were standing in front of an apartment next to the empty tea shop. He looked at them, and tried to convey to them through his look, just wait.

Katara and Sokka had Avatar: Path of Zuko satisfied in thinking that Zuko was simply a Patj, as they had grown up in a world torn apart by war. It was easy for them to assume that the Fire Nation, both on an individual basis and collectively as a nation, were pure evil. Aang knew the damage that could happen when someone was singled out. Abilities[ edit ] Despite his youth, Zuko has demonstrated fo agility and strength. But he knew that Iroh was a good man, based on his actions at the North Pole and his actions today. How do we know we can trust them? And here was another young man who had clearly been through much. Zuko has a muscular physique in Book One, but becomes thinner as Chicken Rush series progresses before regaining weight in Book Three. Zuko and his uncle are in the city. Aang sat back, thoughtful. After a moment of silence, he od quietly "I don't know.


Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Path of Zuko [#1] - Uncle in Jail (no commentary)

But Aang knew that wasn't true, as he hadn't grown up in that world. After looking back once more, as if to make sure he wasn't being followed, the Blue Spirit entered the room and closed the door behind him. The four young friends gathered around a table downstairs, and Iroh poured them all a cup of tea. They all stiffened as they heard the two inside the room resume speaking and strained their ears in order to hear better. However, Katara convinces the Earth King that the colonies are neither Fire Nation nor Earth Kingdom, but rather a multicultural people. Ursa is granted a new face as well, but chooses to have her memories of her children erased because she cannot bear the pain of having been separated from them. The creators of the series revealed by the time of the series, he has abdicated his position as Fire Lord in favor of his daughter, Izumi, and travels the world, usually on his dragon Druk, as an ambassador for peace. She then marries Ikem with her new identity and they have a daughter together. Much is expected of the Firelord, and as the heir to the throne, much was expected of Zuko. Of all the things that could have happened under Lake Laogi, he never would have expected this. During this exchange Iroh had proceeded to walk towards the same door the Blue Spirit had entered moments ago. Aang looked at Zuko, and gave a hesitant "Thanks. The art of controlling and manipulating an element is called "bending" within the narrative. As they hurtled across the lake, Aang looked back at the two firebenders, and pondered when their paths would cross again.

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  1. After a pause in the conversation, Aang decided to ask. He had been singled out as being special, since he was the Avatar, and he had ended up feeling isolated and separated from the rest of the young airbenders. Aang knew that indifference could be just as harmful as deliberate cruelty.

  2. Iroh suggests that Zuko become the next Fire Lord, citing Zuko's "unquestionable honor". It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions: Who are you? You go to Chameleon Bay; I'll stay here with the king.

  3. Aang wondered again, why was Zuko so obsessed? The idea that Zuko had once had the courage to challenge the Fire Nation's generals for treating soldiers' lives so carelessly was a shocking revelation. In the battle, Aang and Zuko clash.

  4. Zuko's uncle, the decorated general Iroh, decided to join him as a companion and tutor. Aang knew that the Fire Nation took honor very seriously, and it seemed that Zuko felt his honor hinged on the capture of the Avatar. Zuko openly berates his father and states his intention to help Aang overthrow him.

  5. How will capturing a boy who has never wronged you and turning him over to be tortured or killed restore your honor? Zuko had remained silent when Aang told him about his old friend Kuzon, and he was hopeful that Zuko might be reconsidering his goal of capturing him. Ozai thereafter assigns Zuko's younger sister Azula to seize Zuko and Iroh due to Zuko's failure to capture Aang and Iroh's betrayal during the siege.

  6. After a moment of silence, he said quietly "I don't know. Aang relented. As a result of all this, Firelord Ozai always favored Azula over Zuko. After hesitating for a few seconds, Sokka helped Iroh climb on as well.

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