Fight monsters and explore a medieval world. Aveyond is packed with more than 60 quests, tons of places to explore, and over 50 hours of game play. If you like games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Warrior, you are going to love Aveyond. A powerful deity, Ahriman, has opened the Demon Portal and dark creatures now threaten the great isles. You must stop the destruction and destroy Ahriman before it is too late. The Sword of Shadows is the key to your redemption. You must find it in the mystical isle of Aveyond and use it to seal the Demon Portal and stop Ahriman.

You are in Oldwoods. On your way you will see a banshee dropping something in the water. You will find three ways branching out in front of you. The house beside the items shop has a chest containing oak shield. They are one of my favorite genre of games. I have played a lot of old school RPG's since this one but the Aveyond series will always be my favorite. It contains 1 covey balm. You will get the reward only on one condition-you have to let someone join your party. In the gentle children school, go upstairs and talk to Theodore in the bedroom. Remember this place as you will need to come back here later. Exit, collect 50 pennies from the chest and then enter the cave to your right. You can also buy pets and keep them in your manor there are three pet shops in total, one in Halloween Hills, another in sedona and the last one will be talked about later. Enter the cave which you find while exploring-it will lead you to two chests-one yielding cassia leaf and the other mandrake.

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In the next area walk along the path and enter a cave to your right. Return by one screen and walk northwards and exit via another passage no. Pick it up and keep Aveyond Aveyknd you land up in another area. Proceed towards the north of the village and you will come Avfyond another chest containing haunch. Return to Velgerd. Climb down the Battle Slots and now walk up to the cave marked as no. Enter the third hut and talk to the man behind the bars. From there go south and you will see two caves on both sides. Each active party member gains one Aveyond for free. Take the plant from her and offer it on the altar at Mt Orion cave system. Use the bed to heal your party for free. As soon as you are on the world map, walk down by around paces and take a right turn. Another spot at Aveyond yields gold pennies.

He will give you something. Enter it to retrieve the sword of silence from the chest. This is the best role playing game I ever play better than golden sun and Legend of Zelda. They are one of my favorite genre of games. If he changes his armor, the creature will disappear from your party. Now explore the desert area to discover 3 more chests; they contain 1 covey balm, pennies and skull helmet. She is released from slavery and sent to the eastern capital city to learn the art of sword singing. She will give you a present to be delivered to Hilda. There is nothing else in this area. If you are exploring the forest then you will find chests scattered all over. Talk to her and take her in your friend party, and set off for the wilderness. Talk to the boat dealer to buy a skudder. Explore the area and you will be assigned a number of quests by the people here. Buy some traveling runes to veldt.

Enter the peninsula and refer the white arrow in Aveyond map to find your way to Aveyond. Mad Marge gives AAveyond a Aeyond side quest no. Farm Life have replayed the Aveyond games so many times over the years and every time I enjoy myself. The chests have 1 salmon, shield of madness, gold pennies, gold pennies and gold pennies. This time take the right passage. Take it and enter the cave of Clearwater the place where Rhen got kidnapped by the Luxor Mahjong trader. Talk to him, he will give you something. Take the north eastern route. Take the right path.

Give it to the vampire. The enemy troops are pretty strong here and some cast poison. Get some cheese and traveling runes to Brumwich from the item shop. Talk to him, he will give you something. A bit further down you will find a cave. Enter the unlocked door passage. Expanding on the success of its predecessor, it offers a wealth of quests, characters and endings, and has been hailed as "funny, innovative and wildly imaginative". Enter the highlands. Climb down the stairs and now walk up to the cave marked as no. You will land up in map X at point no. She will give you a quest to find sun block cream. Then go to the sandstone cave and refer the directions given before refer sandstone cave guide to find two blue chests. Get another chest on your way to retrieve bronze rod: A bit ahead lays another chest. Cross the bridge, keep walking and exit through the passage.

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  1. The treasure room has 5 emerald, two sapphires, one golden armor and a battle axe. Press it and the barricade blocking another switch will unlock. The chest in the cave has elixir. You will find a small castle immediately to your north.

  2. Buy some more stakes so that you can stake some more vampires at Ghedahre! But there is no reward for it. You need to come back to her to plant the pomegranate seeds later.

  3. Enter the holes which will take you to outside Blackbone Cave. Return to the cave entrance 4b in the map and Walk to your right this time. You will find yourself at point no. Take him to Ghedahre.

  4. Honestly If I didn't have to pay bills that week I would have bought the all of them in one fell swoop. Follow it till you reach two sets of stairs, climb them and keep following the footsteps till you see a mule express. You will get the reward only on one condition-you have to let someone join your party. Go to the shadow wood academy, talk to Harald and he will give you graduation certificate. The chests from this area yields haunch, apple, gold pennies and gold pennies.

  5. You will enter the cave by point 2 in map W. Just after she completes her training three years later, Talia is summoned into a dream by her headmaster and a high priestess of the dreamland. Enter another cave inside this one and open the chest to retrieve a haunch. Now we need to return to wildwoods to rescue the first druid. Give it to the vampire.

  6. Follow the arrow direction in the map below to reach Veldt. It works fine that way. Enter it to retrieve the sword of silence from the chest. Now we shall explore the desert area. Return to the cave and Walk to your left and go down to the exit from where you entered.

  7. Talk to the man with a back pack and sell the vampire corpses. I wander these walls, transparent and lost, what am I? Enter the cave entrance.

  8. Pass through the door. The creatures will remain with you as long as Lars has the cloak equipped. Each cubicle has a note on the wall. Now there are two uses of this statue. On the extreme left side of the mule express, you will find a chest containing 2 emerald and 2 sapphire.

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