Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing

Raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never-before-seen products in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Scarlett didn't know her new island farm contained a huge pond, but that's not stopping her from rising to the challenge. Help her make a big splash as she upgrades her production facilities, fends off bears, and buys and sells goods across land and sea!

Upgrade helicopter to the max. Make and sell 3 sushi. Sell your shells after you have collected Buy 1 sturgeon, 1 salmon 2. BTW, I usually just went ahead and took in how ever many treasures were in the warehouse. Click here to go to our help pages or to contact our Customer Support team instead. Buy 2 butter and 2 gold 9. You don't just breeze through every level. Upgrade boat to the max 9. Start with the black caviar refinery. Upgrade warehouse 5. It takes awhile to earn enough stars to purchase the required buildings, and it takes a lot of money to upgrade your animals from just fish, but it's a lot of fun. Upgrade boat to max 4.

Belgique Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing

Upgrade helicopter to the max. It seems you really have to have your strategy mapped out to perfection if you want to get gold. Send for 6 butter and 5 jars 4. Sell 1st batch of fine jewelry. Please note that we can't help you out From the Sky you write about it in your review. Upgrade helicopter twice. Sell 2 shells and 2 pearls 5. Trust me -- getting silver is challenging enough. I may just save my fun ticket for something else. Build the sushi Bella Design. Some fresh ideas would have made this game awesome. Buy 2 jars Make and sell 1 sushi. Process the black caviar in 2 batches and sell the sturgeon Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing collecting 6 black caviar. Buy 1 sushi supplies, 1 packaged caviar, 1 caviar butter 3.

Sell salmon and sturgeon after collecting 2 caviar each. Buy 1 shell 4. Boat comes back quick. Upgrade warehouse and boat once 3. I have gotten gold on some, silver on most, and a couple I was able to just pass. Although I really think that they expect wayyyyy too much from you in only a couple of minutes in a lot of the levels, I like how it's actually a challenge. Be the first to write a forum post about this game! Upgrade helicopter twice. Build and upgrade red caviar refinery. Make and sell 3 sushi. I don't understand why there are still bears dropping into the water though. Sell sturgeon after collecting 6 caviar 7. You will be making 7 sushi on this level to get your dolphin, 2.

Buy 1 pearl necklace, 1 catalogue, 1 gold, 1 300 Dwarves as the other items are still falling. Upgrade helicopter twice I'm really disappointed with this. Buy 1 dolphin Sell 1 sturgeon, 1 shell, 1 dolphin 3. Buy the rest of your gold. Start with the black caviar refinery. Upgrade boat and 3.

Unfortunately it's just the same as its prequels Build the jewelry factories after you finish each step of processing the caviar butter Upgrade boat and warehouse once 3. When dolphin money comes back, build and upgrade restoration plant once. Note that your post won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Be the first to write a forum post about this game! I would like to see the Farm Frenzy series create some new challenges and not use the same concept over and over. Buy 4 sushi supplies and 1 chemical Upgrade boat once more Submit Thank you for writing a review! Send for 2 more sushi supplies. Start processing 1 at a time. When boat returns, buy 1 sushi supplies. No one's written about Farm Frenzy - Gone Fishing!

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  1. Fully upgrade boat and upgrade warehouse once. Buy 3 caviar butter, 3 packaged caviar, 3 sushi supplies twice. Love the graphics and animation. Build and upgrade the caviar butter plants once. Enough different to still be interesting.

  2. Process pearls in batches of 5. Buy 3 caviar butter, 3 packaged caviar, 3 sushi supplies twice. Upgrade boat and warehouse once.

  3. Submit Thank you for writing a post! I do like that they have incorporated fish-related themes into what used to be the dog and cat, such as seahorse and shark. I played it over and over again to try to get gold at each level. Please note that we can't help you out if you write about it in your review. Buy 5 black caviar, 5 red caviar, 5 jars, 5 butter

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