Syberia - Part 2

[Note: If you own the original Syberia, this is the same adventure.] Continue the journey in Syberia: Part 2. Kate Walker is in search of the last remaining heir of a manufacturing estate, Hans Voralberg, who has mysteriously disappeared into the wilds of Syberia! Kate is unsure whether to continue her journey which has taken her so far away from home, but the experience is bringing out an adventurous spirit within her that she never realized she had. Follow the trail to Barrockstadt and get closer to solving the mystery.

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Ask about the Shroud: There is an iron box outside the village containing a pile of linen sheets. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by itsme4t3 from Original Syberia I played the original some time ago which I Parg was part 1 and part 2 so unfortunately I've already played this. Talk to the shaman about Hans: He is in a dream world. Run south, Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist and east to the base of the cliff. Run south and west three times to see a pile of stones. Run south, north and then south to see Igor on his own. Return to the Sygeria and look at the wheelbarrow to get the shears. It is used in the cave to call the Parh. Run east and north. Have fun on the way to Syberia! Prat the middle hole in the bottom-left corner of the mechanical heart, top hole in the top-left Syberia - Part 2, top hole in the top-right corner and top hole in the bottom-right corner. Walk up the steps on the left. Save often. Click on Oscar to untie Trade Mania.

Exit the view of the mast. Get the flask full of water. It is used on the chain on the device. Puzzles, like the rest of the adventure, are difficult. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by unicornone from one of the most memorable games ever I played this first time around and would suggest you play Siberia part one first as it continues an adventure. Talk to Oscar and then use the oil dispenser on him. Walk east one screen and return to the passenger area of the train. Run north and then south. Talk to the shaman about Hans: He is in a dream world. It took me a while to get to grips with the movement of the game but once I was in tune with the play it was wonderful. Examine the right side of the device and use the ivory key in the slot to see symbols. Someone has tied up Oscar! Use the handle at the bottom-right corner of the device twice.

Use the right switch nine times and the left switch once and then use the pendulum Sybsria start it swinging. It is used on the slot in the control compartment of the train. Great voice overs some dodgy accents. Climb onto the barrel to see the mast. Press Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt red button to start the generator. Talk to Malka about the Mission: The monks at the monastery may be able to Parrt. Talk about the Train: The flying wing has broken.

Run east four times to the river. Hans is standing near the mechanical horses when he mentions Syberia and mammoths and then suddenly falls to the floor. Exit the room. Run south to the bar that Kate raised earlier. Run north and then east. I never listen to music but the voice-overs are a must. Once inside have a look at the open cupboard. Click on Oscar to untie him. Look at the table and get the prayer wheel. Syberia 2 features a much better interface than its predecessor which was clunky and slow at best but the story and setting isn't quite as charming in my opinion. A part 3 would be welcome : Date published: Run downstairs to the lower level. Run south to the end of the train and get the oil dispenser on the floor. Get the herbs and brambles and then exit the graveyard. Try it from the first one, as it needs to be played together and in sequence otherwise the story doesn't make sense.

Run south twice, west three times, south and west to see a girl by the bench. Look at the table and get the prayer wheel. Talk to Malka about the Mission: The monks at the monastery may be able to help. Weeks of play rather than one afternoon's. Climb through the hole. Walk up the slope toward the mammoth statue. Run to the other end of the train and go outside. This is a sequel that is as good as the first in this series. Look at the fish tank and select the top-right lure. It is used on the bear outside the house. Pick up the screwdriver to the left Go back now to the elevator and take the south path. Walk all the way down the mine shaft and head into the elevator at the other end. Run north, north-west, east and north to the front of the house. This is my most memorable and most pleasurable series. Talk about the Mission to enter the dream world.


Syberia I Walkthrough part 2 - Valadiléne part 2 of 2 (Departure)

Take a closer look at it and use the screwdriver on the four screws. Walk west one screen to see two posters on the fence. Run south twice, west three times, south and west to see a girl by the bench. Enter the pub and walk left to see Cirkos at the bar. It must be some faulty wiring. Throw the orange salmon on the bear and it will leave the area. Run south and north to exit the cave. Examine the hook on the front of the train. Click on Oscar to untie him. Move the giant automaton forward once and then head outside. It is given to Youki in Romansburg. It is not used. Immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the journey it takes you on.

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  1. They were so mesmerizing I felt transported into that world. Use a document by selecting it, or examine the document by clicking the eye icon. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by zorabelle from A Rare Gem!

  2. It is used on the second hole on the bottom row on the device. Run up the train for three screens to the bedroom. Use the rope. Use the statue at the left side of the bell and then use the statue at the right side of the bell.

  3. Use the crank handle on the foghorn to let the eagle out. Enter the giant automaton and move it back one space. Head back down towards the train. Open the door to return to the hold below Ivan.

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