Great Secrets: Da Vinci

Play the part of the great Leonardo da Vinci! Embark on an exciting life-long adventure through his diary, where you will discover great mysteries within its pages, meet famous people of his time, find new knowledge, and possibly discover the secret of the Philosophers Stone; which can turn anything to gold! Dont miss the opportunity to visit the most distant, secret, inaccessible or long-vanished places reflected in the pages of da Vincis diary! Enjoy your travels!

Femme Great Secrets: Da Vinci filles guinee

Push the barrel using the iron rod on Magic Shop of the guard below. It will be at the center of the intersecting ruled bars. Manor guard - a. By elevator. There's an empty bowl for the cat on the floor. Boat - If not yet done, remove the camouflage and drop it to the right. Click the 2nd from top right blue Sparkle 2 to turn Battle Slots 2nd row white Secretz: to point down. See that one rung is off. It is on the front door of the manor. Use Greay lighter on the charcoal. The slot on Vinic right drops them into the cup in the sequence. A white area appears right of the line-dots. Attach the crank handle on jack. Close the lid, push to press, press and take the paper from box.

Attach the crank handle on jack. Climb the steps. The middle edge squares affect the 3 squares around it - forming a T. Watch the discussion between Leonardo and Francois I. Go forward towards the dining room and turn around. The long piece of the divider points to the cup which will NOT get the next ball. Be sure that you have already placed the cannonball inside the cannon. Take the 2 color lenses. Take the key mould again. Don't waste your time, money or bandwidth on this one. Place rose and water on the open still. Flying machine - Pan right and see a prototype of Leonardo's flying machine. See a pile of dry leaves, take if needed.

Check the picture of Babou and Valdo in inventory. Use the 2 small stick previously cut from the stick that was found in the workroom on the empty rungs of the ladder. Click the pounders off the bin and take Great Secrets: Da Vinci paper mache. At the intersection of the 4 bodies, an X that marks the location of the notebook is seen. Because of these items, and others, Wedding Salon is not a purchase for me. Take the Mona Lisa behind the sheet hidden by the sacks. In inventory, click the gloves on Valdo. Position blue and yellow lens in front of telescope. With paper in inventory, Valdo notes the drawing down to get incomplete sheet of paper. Sealed letter for Madame de la Bourdaisiere - Time to snoop and see what the sealed letter contains. Close the door. Pour water on the funnel.

It is a 4 star diamond with a single star above it. Last I heard a sandwich was a couple of pieces of bread with some sort of filling between them. Below that is the coin selection, where the amount of coins to be used is taken and counted. At top left is the conscience gauge: red for diabolic and white for angelic actions or dialogues. Valdo reads and answers the message. She states that Saturnin cleaned the room before she got here. Telescope - Look through the telescope and see that one of the lenses is broken. The gameplay menu has the save, load, options, return to game and exit game. Talk to Saturnin, the guardian of the manor about the gardens, workshop and Madame Babou. CD2 has to be in the drive to start the game. Day 2: 23 September Wake up and think that it was all a dream. Use the broom to remove the dirt over the second etching. Again, stops cold and onto the next person. It is made up of water, sugar and saltpetre. The story doesn't flow well from Chapter to Chapter.

First look for the stars, Position red and yellow lens in front of telescope. Check the paintings by Leonardo around the room. Read: Black ink is made from mixture of egg yolk and black pigment with water. Get the clock working by arranging click hold drop the gears to form a continuous path from the left large gear up to the clock. Because of these items, and others, this is not a purchase for me. This raises the angelic conscience gauge. The levels chapters are also timed. See a broken down cannon. Go to the balcony via the stairs on the right. Take the boat back to the landing by the bridge. The red gauge will go up. More diary pages that lead you to discover his interest in the Sorcerer's Stone. Paper preparation - Paper mache - Go back to the mill-forge.

Do not waste your time Date published: Rated 1 out of 5 by LtDave from Waste of time Just the same thing over and over If not wearing a uniform, sneak to get to the manor. We will do that puzzle later. Open the mould and take bronze key. Lift the furnace cover and place it on furnace. Madame will sing the first 3 notes. Click the crank handle to raise the trap door. Look up and use the long rope on the pulley on the ceiling. The HOGs are impossible without the constant use of the "tip" bar. The object of the puzzle is to have all the diamonds in the panel to be on the top as seen on the single panel below the center statue. First, check which color of ball is dropped to the cups. It is made up of water, sugar and saltpetre. Valdo succeeded in seducing Madame Babou. Click the top white diamonds L-R: 1, 2 and 4 to turn the top row yellow arrows to point up. Go forward and see a beehive on the left.

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  1. Place egg, charcoal powder or gall nut powder and water on bowl on the right. You can still get to the end. Flip to the previous page of the portfolio and see that the back of the paper has indentations made by handwriting. I suppose the music is quite nice and it would be a relaxing straight forward hog if it wasn't for the difficulty in finding objects and the timed aspect of it.

  2. Look through telescope to see green. Information - Look in the portfolio, use mirror and see that the engraved plate given by Madame Babou is about the bridge. See a broken down cannon.

  3. It has the triangles from the posts of the bed. Immediately, go down the stairs, pan left, forward to the trees, pan left to the path, forward to the bridge. I do hope this encourages you to at least try the game. The unknown patron did not sign the letter.

  4. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by mrm from This is not about Da Vinci, but The study must be near. The path taken by this walkthrough is just one of many since the game is nonlinear. Place the large perforated gear on top of the large spindle on the left.

  5. Use the knife on the board. If the cat is 'still wary' depending on previous choices and the gauges or no milk was given to cat before , use gloves on Valdo and then take the medallion from the cat. Place rose and water on the open still. Use the 2 small stick previously cut from the stick that was found in the workroom on the empty rungs of the ladder.

  6. The storyline would have been OK if there had been some animation to keep it interesting. Go to Saturnin and see that the manor cat is there. Place egg, charcoal powder or gall nut powder and water on bowl on the right. Give Madame Babou the rose and she reprimands Valdo. He states that he doesn't know about them.

  7. The aim of the puzzle is to make a fountain and complete a circuit from water pump to the fountain. If wearing uniform, side guard will stop you. They are added to the coin count on the right side of inventory screen. Watch and listen to Leonardo decide about his codex. Do this to the other 3 gold blanks to make 4 gold coins.

  8. Pull the lever beside the bucket by the door to get flour. Take the half moon medallion. Valdo, a former student of Francesco Melzi Leonardo Da Vinci's heir has accepted the mission of finding Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook from an unknown patron. After installation 2 CDs choose a symbol for individual gamers.

  9. Use the knife on the board. The corner squares affect the 2 side squares - forming a right angle. Click the gloves off Valdo. Key - Place the key mold on the table on the right of furnace. Raise the jack to connect the funnel to the water pump.

  10. Look at it in inventory and click-add it to the portfolio. The object of the puzzle is to have all the colored circles in the panel to be similar to the single panel below the center statue. Light the candle using the lit stick. Levels upon levels of find the things on the itemized list, find the difference, find "x" number of feathers, or birds.

  11. Read the portfolio for the letters of the patron - Florence: 2 September and 19 September. Place the incomplete sheet of paper over the cleaned etching and use the charcoal crayon on the paper to get a sheet of paper. If you cannot get them in the proper order then use the two small rotating wheels to sort them into their proper order and according to how the indicator at the "separating" point is set. The inventory has the portfolio at top of the page. It is not about Da Vinci but the Sorcerer's Stone.

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