Witches Legacy: The Charleston Curse

End the Charleston Curse before it wipes out an entire family and save a young girl in Witches’ Legacy: The Charleston Curse! After finding out that you are the last living relative to a young orphan named Lynn, you discover the terrifying tale of her family. The Charlestons have been systematically killed by a witch and now it’s up to you to protect Lynn! Confront the terrifying witch and save Lynn in Witches’ Legacy: The Charleston Curse!

Throughout the game you will need to talk to a character and move through the dialogue to continue game play. Office Zoom in on the cupboard. Zoom into the hatch X. Zoom into the base W of the record player. An incorrect click will reset the puzzle. Cellar Look at the pipes on the side of the wall. Any piece can be slide horizontally or vertically. Open the drawers as shown in the screenshot. Tap the book D to reveal the flame. Zoom into the door F. Refer to the journal for the time at which to set the hands. Zoom into the shelf H. Top of Stairs Go toward the dark cloud on the stairs.


Pour ado Witches Legacy: The Charleston Curse serieux homme cherche

Clean the dirt off of North America C with the rag D. Slide the bar E to the right. Move the gold Sparkle 2 and ball to the top square C. Take the HOSE from under the cart. Flip through the pages and pick up the piece of drawing. Start a fire in the fireplace A. Bricked-up Room Lost in Night up the piece of paper from the table and the drawing from the bed. Turn uCrse door handle. Remove its mysteriously appearing lid. Continue clicking the straw B until it forms a Straw Doll. Remove the top of the bottle-shaped case B to uncover the hidden Witched of Red 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas. Zoom into the sparkling areas to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Hit the buttons sequentially:

Exit back one scene. Play the hidden object scene C. Pour the poison A in the rose pot B to get the faded roses and reveal the compass. Press the button to open the trunk. Light the mechanism M with the matches N. Move to the library. See the next screenshot for the solution. The above screenshots show the final position of the top section A and the bottom section B. Correct numbers briefly flash green. Move back to outside of the barn. Remove the top of the lantern C. Pick up the piece of drawing T. Move back one scene and take a left. Move forward again.

Smash the mirror U Sparkle 2 the hammer V. Click the hour hand. Spin the dials to read and open the drawer. Barn Exterior Play the hidden object scene. Front Door Play the hidden Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 6 Collectors Edition scene. Library Play the hidden object scene. Cellar Look at the shelves on the back wall. Put the coffee beans B in the mortar. Striking an incorrect key resets the puzzle. Move to the outside of the barn. Use the crowbar to remove the nails B. Zoom into the door K.

Cut the tie P with the scissors Q. Move the key when a partial path is cleared to make room for pieces to slide. Move the vine E to reveal the anchor. Front Door Look at the lock on the toolbox. Return to the bricked up room. The journal contains the combination. Pick up the paper green and the TILE green. This walkthrough will not note when this is available. Move back one scene and take a left. Place the coffee S in the mortar T and grind with the pestle U. Smash the mirror U with the hammer V. Enter the bedroom.

Turn the door handle. Open the drawer B to reveal the brush. Chapter 1: The Attic Zoom into the envelope A ; collect all of the papers. Pick up the paper T. Return to the top of the stairs. Slide the bar E to the right. Open the box blue to reveal the ring. Push the trunk button C. Open the drawer D to find the Valentine. Enter the four digits and open the drawer A. Zoom into the book J. Pop the top off the canister A to find the Red Cube. Dining Room Pick up the drawing from the couch A. Reenter the house. Put the figure on the horse B and take the Horseman.

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  1. Play the hidden object scene. Tap the pinecones B to retrieve the Nut. Open the case G to reveal the tape. Click the minute hand.

  2. Use the SAW on the board L. Pour the poison on the roots of the rose bush B. Open the bag D to reveal the horse. It automatically moves over to the symbol. Office Zoom in on the cupboard.

  3. Tap the straw H several times to make the straw doll. Turn the valve blue. Zoom into the gate release C. Press the numbered keys in this order: 3, 2, 4, 5, 1, 2, 4. Hit the buttons in the following sequence to set them as shown in the screenshot: T four times, V two times, and U six times.

  4. Reenter the house. Take a left down the hall to the back door. Use the mallet A to get the Broken Mirror. Place the funnel in the empty bottle with the cheese cloth S on top. Zoom into the sparkling areas to trigger a Hidden Object Scene.

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