Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor

Emma Roberts has been tasked with writing a story about an old haunted manor for Fear for Sale Magazine. The estate has been locked up for years, but a sizable donation from Emma’s editor has opened up the home for exploration. Unravel the tale of the demise of the McInroy family, and set their souls free in Fear for Sale – Mystery of McInroy Manor, a dark and mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Collect the note for the diary. A mirror moves forward from the left. Click the stove to access the interactive area. Click the interactive area on the bookcase to access it. Correctly placing the wires lights up the panel. Enter the office and note the dialogue. Some reviews mentioned the quality of graphics. The last lever position is missing. Click the right arrow. Return to the Main Hall Click the chest to access the lock. Click to pick it up. Click on the door, the rat hole, and the top of the pump.

Exit the Basement. Click on the center of the panel to open it. Click the picture frame on the far wall to access a hidden object area. Approach the sofa to access a hidden object area. Head back downstairs. Rotate the bottom right dial one time, the bottom left dial three times, and the top left dial two times. Pick up the WIRE. Return to the secret room. The main downside was the sparkles - usually I don't mind them but this game was pretty easy and so they were unnecessary. Things were a little hard to find in the HO's. The BOOK location is shown above. Click to access the mirror. A drawer opens. Enter the crypt straight ahead. Click on the console table.

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For me the best Luxor: 5th Passage was the general layout - the scenes in and around Far house were varied and therefore easy to remember even without a map. Click on the console table. Use Zen Games PICK to remove the lid. Access the work area on the counter. Head to the boat house door located by the smashed grand piano. Go down the stairs by the bicycle. Click on the console Legendary Mahjong on the left. Speak to Dr. Return to the Boiler Room. Places where tasks were accomplished were frequently unavailable thereafter, reducing mental wear and tear. Back away from the couch area one time. Return to the secret room. Open the suitcase to get the clue.

See screenshot K for solution. Head to the right and click on the bench. Click on the wire Q. Nice graphics. Go downstairs. Thanks to all of you who take the time to submit them, it is extremely helpful!! Click to start the pump for the fountain. The mouth opens. Enter the office and go up to the landing. Click on the shortened chain. Head back into the office and click on the bottom of the winding staircase. Click on the pot on the ground. The hint button is quite sufficient if you get stuck and once an area is done with you can't access it anymore, so that helps to minimise time wasting.

Access the mechanism at the top of the ladder. Click the magnifying glass to access the area. The safe door opens. Click the box to access Feaf puzzle. I hope you enjoy the game and write a positive review. Stop at the bicycle at the top of the stairs. Click on the mantle clock Q and note it is missing hands. Click on the bookshelf The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising the desk. Click Fexr the unlocked suitcase two times to open it. Access the hidden object area by the coal cart. I didn't have to use the walkthrough. Click the desk to open an interactive area.

Click on the tumblers in the right order to have them all raised. Click on the cabinet and open the cabinet doors. Access the gearbox. Enter the Crypt. Click on the chest to open it and get the bust. HOS not too difficult and on occasion clever, mini-games were easy but fun. Enter the Store Room Access the hidden object area. Place the JAR at the base of the water pump. Correctly positioning all the levers activates the remote control. Click the left arrow. Place the BELL on the end of the hook. Leave the area and head to the boiler room.

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  1. Click on the wire Q. Click the left arrow to arrive at the Basement entrance Approach the piano area. The fountain pump is in the grass on the left side of the scene. Place the HOOK 3 on the end of the rope.

  2. You do not have to shuffle the cubes from one square to another; they can be swapped directly from any position on the board. So far, it is a very good game with a few puzzles and many HOGs. Enter the Boat House area.

  3. Replace the components so the butler may telephone for the doctor. Click the control panel to access the interactive area. Click on the window area. Click the left lever and then the right lever to open the safe. Correctly placing the wires lights up the panel.

  4. Click on the door on the left. Exit the piano area and enter the Basement. Pick up items for later use. Return to the car by the fountain. Leave the boiler room and head over to the basement.

  5. Use the JACK on the coal car. Open the suitcase to get the clue. Click the right yellow button four times Position 1. Place pieces based on shape and color.

  6. Chapter 2: Electricity Click on the cat H. Click the magnifying glass to access the area. Speak to the demon. Exit the Basement. Click backward to move four positions counter clockwise.

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