Weird Park: Broken Tune

Explore a haunted amusement park in Weird Park: Broken Tune! Take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of "accidental" deaths that befell those who worked at the park before city officials shut it down. Investigate amazing locations carefully in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Tread carefully to make it out of this Weird Park alive and discover the murderer!

Click on the book on the table A. Puzzles cannot be reset, unfortunately — even when you close a puzzle and come back to it later, it will remain unchanged. Collect the parts of the face fragment to assemble it. You need to find the items shown at the bottom. I found the brilliance in this game was in how you found the needed items and where you used them made you remember how to traverse the park and it was really easy to picture the layout in my mind due to all the travelling around I had to do. Chapter 3: Shooting Range Click on the box with the mini-game A. Click on the parked car C. Complete the mini-game on the painting C. Grab the green GEM D when the eye opens. It was Always FUN. Pick up the KEY G. Click on the organ A. Once you've played this game you'll want to buy the sequel: Weird Park - Scary Tales.

Seniors Weird Park: Broken Tune

Open the glove compartment C. That's what an adventure game is supposed to be and the good thing about this one is that the areas are small enough so that you don't lose track Hollywood Tycoon where you are. Go Weigd the passageway F. If you shoot the correct one, the picture you shot will be fixed in place and the remaining pictures will Tunw and reveal one other correct Weird Park: Broken Tune. Click on the table B. To solve the puzzle quickly, click yellow, yellow, blue, red, green In Weord book is a recipe for a potion. Click on the room on the left to access the hidden object area. The hint button can also be used to find items in the hidden object scenes. Grab Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart green GEM D when the eye opens. Well not far from the cauldron is a clever water puzzle which yields a bottle, with which to carry the completed recipe. The glass will break. The hints take along time. The graphics were great, puzzles and HO scenes were good Weirrd the story was interesting.

Chapter 6: Circus Entrance Click on the sarcophagus A. Enter the code Open the refrigerator. Go to the parked car. Click on the plate on the floor A. Each button moves a different pair of hands. Take the torch C. Go to Mr. You need to light all the lamps in an unbroken sequence, starting at the bottom and ending with the green one in the top right Pull the lever and exit the cabin Zoom in on the car with the mannequin for a new HOS. Contrary to the game's description, there's nothing scary about it but then I don't scare easily. Click on the carousel to access the hidden object area. You need to click on the buttons on the right to rotate the three hands to their correct position. Chapter Portal Click on the dried paint on the door A. This is my first review, just had to share!

Go to the dressing room B. Rotate the handle B. Go to the cellar B. The HOS are not junk piles; the objects are easy to Koi Solitaire. Great stuff.

Click on the emerald on the wall B. The BELT will be added to the inventory. I liked the shooting range also. Someone else commented that some items were mislabeled, but I only noticed one. Go behind the scenes and click on the junk pile to access the hidden object area. Enter the mine B. Click on the broken stairs A. To the left of the inventory is the journal, which keeps track of important information you find. Collect the items on the list at the bottom of the screen to acquire the ROPE. Go to the Ferris Wheel cabin. HOS are pretty easy and I liked that. If you shoot the correct one, the picture you shot will be fixed in place and the remaining pictures will scramble and reveal one other correct pair. Click on the jewelry box on the table A. Go to the room with the clock. Skipped all puzzles were you had to fool and fool with it some more.

Click on the winch B. Go to the bench with the briefcase. I enjoyed the last part of the game I won't give it away here but I will say it's a nice departure from the usual HO games where you basically stay in the same "setting". At the bottom of your screen is your inventory bar, in which all the items currently in your possession are kept. Jackpot Magic Slots Games. Click on the clock B. Click on the canvas A. Go to the park entrance. Clicking on a piece will turn all the pieces around it, but not the piece itself. The only improvements that I would suggest are having voiceovers for the imprisoned guy and the clown at the end. Click on the Fortune Teller machine A. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by FishyFemale from Fun to play over and over again. Click on the lower part of the Fortune Teller machine E.

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  1. You need to turn all the pieces to reveal the image. Note that they can appear rotated from the example image at the bottom. Click on the table with the dry clay C. Enter the circus F.

  2. To win the mini-game, click each bulb one by one as shown in the screenshot. Chapter 3: Shooting Range Click on the box with the mini-game A. This will turn off the steam F. Click on the chest A.

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