Reincarnations: Uncover the Past

Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.

Use the joyful key and mournful key in the locks. Click on the chain to attach it to the large stone. Exit and go through the back door. Click on the gate. Click the urn at the back to start a hidden object hunt. Play More brings you to a screen with two other games from the same developers. Most puzzles can be reset by exiting out of them. Use the door key in the slot. To solve this mini-puzzle, you must have all the skulls showing. Even if you have played tons of games like this, it helps orient and guide you. Use the oilcan on the arm on the right and the spring on the arm on the left. Return to the previous scene. Click the floor. Go left.

Click the panel. Pull on the tassel in the upper right and take the shield P. Click on the box and take the grape picture. A code piece is added to your inventory. Unlock the music box with the key and click on the ballerina Q. The KEY will be added to inventory after the monk finishes talking. Click the statue down the stairs. Use the V on the XV on the left side. A screwdriver is added to your inventory. Click the glass door right. Use the nutcracker on the walnut to get a cracked nut. The solution is random but the screenshot shows you the final image. Put the roll of film in the camera to get the loaded camera and click on the book to get the open book. The Spoons are marked in blue.

A carved wood panel is added to your inventory. It's a rare occasion when I compliment the puzzles of a game. You will move from location to location solving hidden object hunts, mini-puzzles and picking up items to use in order to proceed in the game. A large smile is raised left of scene. Click on the broom and take the stick. Click on the items to push them out of the way. Click the large fan. Move both gates together to the exit on the right. Click on the nose to reveal a mini-puzzle. Take the tortoise tile. Zoom into the bench on the left to trigger a puzzle M. Continue moving the levers downward until the bugs meet up with an element. Take the torn picture.

Reincarnations: Uncover the Past

Take a paintbrush and dip it into a pot of paint Little Things then click on the painting to paint the area. Go through the gate. Click down three times, and go through the right door. Enter the theatre. Click on the glass and the knob inside to enter. Click two Sparkle 2 to switch their places. To solve the puzzle, fill the wheel with tiles. Use the knife to cut the rope. The movement from scene to scene was smooth and the visuals and details were quite great! Click on the star cover to Sparkle 2 it; click on the light inside the star A. Take the elevator. Take the whip and the shovel. Click the weird peacock. Date published: Reincarnations: Uncover the Past 5 out Fables of the Kingdom 5 by cbilbo from Great game for the weekend The hidden objects in this game were fairly simple to find. To solve this mini-puzzle, the eyes have to be locked in their slot circled eyes.

Enter the room. Take the chocolate. Place the paper over the candle; click on the secret message H. Place the backdrop on it. Once he leaves, click the small piece of rope on the bars. Pictures must be arranged so that causes are opposite of consequences. Move it one space to the right 9. A clover circle is added to your inventory. Take note of which one turns green. There are no interactions in this scene. Once you are complete, take the cross. Click on the red button above each symbol when the correct image is in the loupe to lock in your selection. Then rotate rings 1 and 3 to align all the rings with the slot. If a wrong tile gets moved into its row or column, it will darken. Exit and go through the back door.

Uncoveer crowbar is added to your inventory. Click on the center circles and Ski Resort Mogul smaller circles to rotate the pieces until each circle has all the same colors. Return downstairs and click on the door in the middle of the scene. Zoom into the table. Take the wrench. You will go back and forth from all these scenes often. Click on the clock.

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  1. Take the elevator panel. To move a marble, click a lever so its U shaped end circled lands on a coloured marble. Click the rose to return it to the bouquet. Click the Alice in Wonderland puppet stage.

  2. Place the pieces from the side tray onto the appropriate clock slots. Click on the right-hand curtain and take the letter E. To move a marble, click a lever so its U shaped end circled lands on a coloured marble. Go through the newly opened door. Use the cheese 2 to lure out the mouse 2.

  3. Exit this scene and go forward. Areas of interest sparkle depending on the style of game you chose. I liked how at least one of the items was in a group x5, x4 etc. Use the glove to move the glass shards.

  4. There is a moderate amount of traveling back and forth in the stories. Place the skull on the pattern. This opens the chest.

  5. Exit this scene and take the doorway on the right. Tiles can be moved only in the direction it is facing. Start by clicking random rays and then once you have a few in place, work at placing the others based on what ray moves what. Pull the lever to activate a Hidden Object Scene.

  6. The GEAR will be added to inventory. Click the mask to get the spider, pin and poison. Place the dentures on the apple; take the bitten apple F. Zoom into the skull on the back wall S. Move the skull in the box one space to the left and then one space down into the large gold box

  7. To solve this mini-puzzle, match all the line up all the matching tiles under their corresponding token. Hidden object hunts provide a list of items to find. Place the HORN on the devil to trigger a puzzle. Click the middle buttons so the middle panel opens.

  8. Take the pliers. Leave the scene and click the panel on the wall. Click the wine rack to start a hidden object hunt. Take the guard.

  9. It also went along quickly but not too much so. Move the small gold box within the large wooden box to position 3. There is no timer or point system. Find all the items on the list.

  10. Click the map on the wall to move it, then click again to zoom in. Place the tortoise tile on the empty slot. Use the V on the XV on the left side. Screenshots will only highlight the items to which an interaction is required and the inventory item you receive. Take the guard.

  11. Zoom into the sun ornament in the upper center L. Click to turn the valve. Leave the scene and go north to the broken curtain.

  12. Ray 6 moves the outer rings for 3, 6 and inner rings for 2, 4. Clicking on them brings you to a site where you can download them. Click on the white rose on the desk to add it to the bouquet; then click on the bouquet S. Take the electrolyte bottle. Click the piece of paper to read the letter from Dr.

  13. Click on the messy table to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the wings. Use the rag on the wall to reveal the heart. Pull the lever to activate a Hidden Object Scene. Take the gauntlet.

  14. Click down twice. Walkthrough — Introduction This scene acts as a tutorial. Place the lit candle on the rocket 2 ; click on the fireworks in the sky. Click on the shelves to start a hidden object hunt. Use the knife to cut it open.

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