Awakening: Moonfell Wood

After awaking from a century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a world that is devoid of people! Help her find her friends and family and take her rightful place. Search gorgeous locations for helpful clues and discover Sophia's destiny in Awakening: Moonfell Wood, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Follow your fairy friend as you explore the incredible landscape and help Sophia find her people!

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You will receive the Sparkle 2 Medallion, which belongs in the center of the fresco at the end of the cave. Note the utility cupboard S. Climbing the ladder to the nest will yield you a Block of Tin and Gem Keystone. Hover your mouse over the engraving to learn the figurines need to be placed from light to dark, small Woov large, from left to right. Walk down twice to the Awakening: Moonfell Wood. Look in the hollow log B. Picking the matching berries in the bush will fill your Cherry Berry Basket, which you can bring back to the goblin in exchange for some paper. Place the Botany Book on the shelf and match the books to connect the vines: Check Life Quest 2 screenshot if you get stuck. This will give you a Tin Rose, which Jewel Match IV used to free the petrified centaur and receive the Sunstone. Select Play to start your game A. Both the crest and the map are recorded into your journal. Take Awakkening: left path and walk forward. There are three frescos that need to be rearranged, granting three Wooden Discs. This mini-game is random; your solution may differ.

Exit the rooftop and go down the ladder. Click to take or place a glass piece. Select the Goals tab to see your current tasks M. Look at the backpack for a hidden object scene J. Move the bricks around so that all the flowers are complete. Make a fire with the Pinecones and Pocket Dragon, and refer to your Journal to match the pointers to their correct position. Collect the three Fairy Beads and then use the Wooden Pole on the lantern to knock it over, letting you access the Brass Key after repairing the broken glass. Click on the gold arrow just above the journal to see the most immediate task if you are playing casual mode I. Pairs of diamond-shaped gems are asked for first; they are marked in green. Look at the pavilion gate. Move your cursor over the script for clues about which flower goes where. Start with the alcove on the right Y. In the nearby storage box are some parts which can be assembled into Gardening Shears, which can be used to cut the Rope hanging on the tree. Make note of the glyphs that appear; they will be noted in your journal C.

Refer to the Wpod below for the solution. Move your cursor over the script for clues about which flower goes where. Awakening: Moonfell Wood the Empty Snail Pot and fill it with the nearby snails, then head to the left for two more Pinecones. Note the funnel Sparkle 2 fill the lamp with oil A. Arrange the gems from left to Moongell, lightest to darkest. Find the matching pairs of berries. Look at the frame second from the left. Look at the bench of pots on the right. Despite being "a striking prequel" Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist a long-running series, AllAboutCasualGame.

The center dial does not move. Walk down twice to return to the crossroads. You may play this game in full screen or windowed mode, adjust the volume of sounds and music, view credits, and enable the custom cursor in the Settings menu B. Talk to the goblin on the right to play Tripeaks. Walk forward to the herb garden. Note the color of the books and the flowers at the top of each S. Locate all the items on the list. Click on 2 items to swap positions. Reconstruct the broken pot and head up the stairs, where you can find a Doorknob next to the bitey plant. Repair the fresco by replacing the broken pieces. Refer to the screenshot below for the solution. Walk forward again to the cliffside pool. The Ornate Key opens the gate.


Click a second time to change the color to pink. Click on the fairy in the lower right corner for a hint E. Exit the close-up. Take the path through the tree on the right and walk forward to the pavilion area. In a review by Gamezebo , the game was given a 3. Look at the bench with the pots on the right. Locate the nine birds hidden on the Magic Card and it will be yours! This is the solution for the first level. Walk down 7 times and enter the pavilion. The labels indicate whether an item is plant, animal, or mineral. Click on the deck of cards to shuffle if you run out of moves C. Once you pass through the gate, arrange the symbols on the snake in order from 2 to 10, starting from the head. Recreate the family coat of arms.

When fully colored, the Gate will activate, allowing you to walk through to the next area… Part 3 Take a step back and grab the Fairy Beads, including the one in the nest. Place the now filled Silver Basin on its original spot to trigger another puzzle. Note the crystal barrier H. Look at the base of the petrified bear. The symbols will be noted in your journal. You can see the correct order in the screenshot below. Take the path through the tree on the right. Form the crest to open the chest and collect the hidden objects to receive a White Orb and some Statue Fragments. Look at the close-up of the well. Look at the close-up of the cat U. Refer to the journal for clues to mini-games L. Refer to your journal for a picture. Click on the bellflower C. In this game, Princess Sophia finally learned the whereabouts of her missing people and, with the aid of a winged unicorn and her pet pocket dragon, Sophia searches for a way to reach the floating castle and free her people.

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  1. The Settings menu is accessible from both the main screen and the in-game menu. Find the flower that is different from the others. Look at the stone portal.

  2. In a review by Gamezebo , the game was given a 3. Click a second time to change the color to pink. The Awakening — Moonfell Wood Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheat codes, hacks or serials. Repair the paper to learn how to collect Everlasting Oil. Get the Magic Beans and exit the tower, using the Doorknob to open the shed.

  3. Look at the circular portal in the rear of the cave. Click on 2 marbles to swap positions. Swap the books until all the vines are complete. Climbing the ladder to the nest will yield you a Block of Tin and Gem Keystone.

  4. Walk down 3 times and talk to the goblin woodsman sitting on the tree stump. Balance the scales on the back wall by swapping the tiles, and then go to the vent shaft. Click on the rings to rotate them into position to form the symbol P. Look at the herb chest at the foot of the stairs.

  5. Walk down to exit the cliffside pool. Enter the doorway under the waterfall. The next requested pairs are whole like the sun and moon; these are marked in pink and aqua.

  6. Despite being "a striking prequel" to a long-running series, AllAboutCasualGame. Walk forward and enter the tower. Look in the hollow log B. Open the lid of the wooden box to reveal the chestnuts and the glass marble K.

  7. Place the marbles in the matching color slots. Hidden object lists and mini-games may be random, your solutions may vary. Look at the unlit lamp I.

  8. Look at the chest for a mini-game. Look at the base of the petrified bear. Note the storage area near the ground D. Walk forward to the lake vista.

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