Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

For centuries people have risked their lives and committed unspeakable crimes to discover the secrets of The Tree of Life. Times have changed, but not human nature. Sylvie Leroux, a young archaeologist and adventurer, is working to solve the mystery that surrounds the legend, but is tempted by the same promises like so many others before her. Dive into Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life, a fun Adventure game.

After that she leaves on an adventure to find a collector. In there she washes the scarf. Only the director, the janitor and Claire the restorer are here. Go back to left and open the Count's cabin door. The inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Let us count the inner circle as ring one and the outermost movable ring as ring four. Place the mirror back on the wall. Take the can opener. The name of items or action in inventory is seen at top of screen. The game has interactive cutcenes which will show up after a player is done with the location, and before moving to a next one. You can skip cutscenes with Esc and dialogues with the left mouse button. Cairo[ edit ] As soon as she arrives to Cairo, she gets robbed at the airport. Click the parcel to get the valve.

Go back to the square. The inscription is still unreadable. Look close at chest. Go to the grave with a candle under the palm tree at bottom of screen. You have 5 dice. Get electricity to the hangar: Sarah says there's a not actually legal way to get electricity. Place one of the stone pieces on the hole. Sylvie needs to distract him somehow. Use the pliers on the trap door. The cover is now tied. See seeds in each one. Go through the curtains to box room. Check the desk at left.

Look at bottom part of bas relief at right and then the top part of the bas relief. Go to market place and talk to the camel trader in the stall left of the camel. She mentions of a date of sinking to him which is on the chronometer. Give the opened canned meat to the dog. Use the pliers on the trap door. Learn that Sylvie is to check a 15th century chest. Take cup and thermos with tea from counter right of the microwave. Hear Marcel and learn that he has an appointment at the inn. Ali recommends camel's milk. Take care of the intruder: Exit the bridge and Sylvie says there is an intruder on board. During the second one Sylvie can die, but the game will automatically save. There they were brought to a gigantic tree at center of volcano crater. Click on bottom right red arrow. The items collected can be seen in large item panel by right clicking an inventory.

Montpellier agence Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

Once the pieces are in correctly attached they cannot be detached from the rest of the pieces. Talk to Sarah. Use the wire from the fence on the coin. Only the Count can adjust it. Airship: Exit the passage and go to the gate close to the police station. Water on Chroniclfs Go to well square at Mystic Palace Slots. Marcel fell off the cliff. Her real destination was Venice, where she was scheduled to carry on a lecture about her book, "The Scorpio Ritual". Take Chronicle ladder. Take the empty oiler and gear. Sylvie returns to a hotel room and found Fatima in there. The player moves the character by clicking on locations shown in the Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist display; the scene will only crossfade when a character is finished with all the actions on the screen. Search the cemetery: See a woman exit the cemetery. After that she leaves on an adventure to find a collector.

The Count has amnesia and can't remember some things after the plane crash. In inventory use the thermos with tea with cup. Players can interact with specific objects on screens by clicking or dragging them, and NPCs. Look close at pump. Together they can reach the island. He gives the resin-container with binder. Use rope on trapdoor handle. Exit through the archway Entrance Hall at left and be at the cliff. They called out the native and ask him to free them. They contain archeological tools. Besides the date it also carries the map and a tree of life emblem. Click on grill and take the dry seeds.

Press print button. Talk about the bench. Use the shaving brush dipped in hot milk on lightened ink spot. Open the drawer and take the Dictaphone and tweezers. Sylvie needs the code.


[PC] Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life - Part 19

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  1. Go to and look at the cannon monument at center of square. Go to the grave with a candle under the palm tree at bottom of screen. She lands her gondola at a garden which is a property of that mysterious collector. Learn the history of Jasper, her grandfather.

  2. Dialogs have important comments for clues and the game's dialogs. The name of items or action in inventory is seen at top of screen. Use swab dipped in juice on ink spot.

  3. She talks with him. Look close at coat rack right of mirror. The intruder is trapped. Ring 2 and ring 4 moves or affect each other. Something that they work to preserved is under a threat.

  4. Use the pistol spanner on the hole. After that, she awakes the count. They can be rotated. Take the cable on top of the crate left of the hangar door. Sylvie says the handle is different.

  5. Check the books. If you haven't taken the wire from the fence yet - do so. Use wire brush on tombstone-stele. Look close at desk with computer and then the parcel.

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