Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

Use a mystical locket to explore a magical world and save a young girl in Other world: Spring of Shadows! After buying a quaint house in the country side, you embark on an incredible adventure. With help from magical creatures, find and save Fiona before it's too late! Find the menacing shadow that took Fiona and return her to our world. Solve inventive puzzles and discover secrets in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Click on the storefront. Click on the work table. The screenshot shows the solution for all 9 riddles Z. Put the yarn on the loom. Go forward. Go back to the cave. Examine the pebbles in the water to activate a puzzle. When you are finished, take the unsewn cloth. Select the closed buds to open them; then press on the matching flower until they are all gone. Turn the pages of the book 1 to view all instructions. Add the filled pitcher. With pin 1 up, click another pin. Go back to the wagon.

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Do this three times, then take the yarn. Move the gears to the positions shown in the screenshot J and then pull on the left lever. Click on the spinning wheel. Not all notes are indicated on Suadows sheet music the question marks. Click on the puddle. The scissors are added to your cursor, click and drag the scissors around the Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds to cut the cloth. Select any 2 weights to swap their positions. Undo the clip to make the papers fall. Add the unsewn cloth and click on the pedal three times to sew the coat. Return to the back alley. He invites you to go into the general store. Click on the storefront. Examine the general store window; take the RAG A. Press Otherworld: Spring of Shadows the 6 shapes yellow to align the symbols to Otherwprld: elements. Keep using the Shaxows cutter to cut all the black lines E that appear on the glass sheets.

Click on the discs to determine what turns what. When you are finished, weights are added to your inventory. Click on the step to spin the wheel. Arrange the mosaic tiles to form the correct image. Go back to the wagon. Click on the table to add instructions to your journal. Remove the cover to trigger a puzzle. Enter the back alley. Enter the chapel. Rotate the rings to recreate the image. Use the torch on the three areas of kelpweed, then cut it with the ancient knife. Give the fruit to the monkey and it will run away. Note the words in yellow. Use the ROPE on the branch 1.

Enter the curio shoppe. Press on the blueprint to move it to the jig D. Click on the sheet of paper, then take the blank music sheet. Color in the Treant according to the colors on the tree. Start by clicking all the pins. Drag one piece over to another piece to swap them. Dirty wool is added to your inventory. Click on the dead Legendary Slide. Select 2 matching symbols Sprnig they are all gone. Reconstruct the mirror as shown in the screenshot W. Find Ringlore 10 related items. Click on the Shaxows.

Start from the bottom of the sheep and click and drag the shears upward. If you click on the wrong vine, the ancient knife will return to your inventory. See screenshot for solution O. Watch the cutscene. Complete the pattern. Green notes mean they are properly positioned, red notes mean they are in the wrong position and yellow notes mean they are close to their proper position. Continue until a second pin stays up. Exit the chapel. See screenshot for solution Q. Look at the bicycle and take the PEN G. Add the charm. Solving the puzzle gets rid of some of the shadows. Click on the markings.


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Press on the handle to raise the bucket. This pin becomes pin 2. Press on the 6 shapes yellow to align the symbols to their elements. Dirty wool is added to your inventory. Start from the bottom of the sheep and click and drag the shears upward. Take the magnifying glass. Click on the three. Use the torch on the three areas of kelpweed, then cut it with the ancient knife. Select one of the stones in the lower right corner and then select one of the blanks stones to copy the design you selected. Press on the pins in the right sequence so they all stay up. Select the 5 insect symbols on the panel S. Go forward. Go back to the curio shoppe. Read the inscription at the bottom of the window R. Click on the pedestal and add the photo of Fiona.

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  1. Examine the stone code; note the water drop and the number 4 F. Remove the cover to trigger a puzzle. Hover your cursor over a piece and click to rotate, click and drag to put the piece in the mirror. Fill the pitcher in the lake to get the filled pitcher. Look at the sketch.

  2. Press on the images in the center to change the symbols to match what you found. Use the ancient knife in the slot to lift the bottom out and take the flute. Select the ingredients in the hanging bowls and add them to the funnels. Add the three marbles. Add the two poster pieces.

  3. Go further into the cave. Read the inscription at the bottom of the window I. Use the torch on the 3 kelpweeds marked in green.

  4. Click on the fruit. In order, open the bag and take the shoe; take the spyglass, take the compass, take the lunchbox; open the square bag and take the teddy bear; take the umbrella; take the Kelpie; take the brush; open the pouch and take the crayons. Click on the four symbols that represent the hobgoblin.

  5. Return to the well. Look at the sketch. Move forward to Main Street. Reconstruct the mirror as shown in the screenshot W.

  6. Return to the cottage. The solution is random; the screenshot shows the final image. Press on the Reset button 1 on the left to start over.

  7. Solution: The new key is added to your inventory. Use the ancient knife to cut the vines. Use the matches to light the torch. See screenshot for solution 2.

  8. Return to the town square. Click on the sewing machine. Talk to the Hobgoblin in the water and a sack will appear in the water.

  9. Return to the workshop. The last piece of fruit is the one the monkey will eat. Enter the chapel. Click on the cabinet.

  10. Click on the window. Click anywhere outside the window to close it. Return to Main Street.

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