Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, her best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna and has brought help! Can Mel learn how to use her magical powers for good? Find out in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, a fun Strategy game!

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Next, you need to select two classes in the hall of magic. Most importantly, find a sword called Justice for Galahad, the Sword Servicing Station for Shard, and any equipment that will fit Yemite. Fight the lone monster that is wandering around the atrium in Shadwood Academy. Obtain the torch by the well Prophdcy leave Thornkeep. Then go back to the academy, where all hell has broken loose. He will sell it to you for gold coins. Then jump through the Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1. To solve the puzzle Age of Mahjong the nine treasure chests, open them in this order: 1. Upon a second look, the party realizes that the villagers are also ghosts. You will get the Cave Key as Prophexy reward. I strongly recommend using the money the Avryond: gives you to sleep at the inn to heal up, and use the rest to buy more cheese or bread in the shop north of the inn. When Edward threatens to stake her she Darkthfop by biting Galahad! You can then give the lute to the beggar outside the castle, who, after some more playing Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy has passed, will learn to play it.

Stella flees the cabin. Go back to the gem dealer once more and ask him who sold him the ring. Do this to get some extra levels for the whole party. You need to find the star that goes onto the pedestal. Find the Stone of Aya, which is just lying on the ground somewhere. Go north first and follow the path until you get to the Star Temple. The professors refuse to listen. Purchase a wedding ring from the jeweler in Thais. He gives you a hat. Go northwest and fight a large group of monsters that are guarding the first Wyvern Flame. To save Mel and Galahad and the world their souls must be purified using the Stone of Aya. The world is safe—for now. Then go back to the previous cave, back out to the plains and back into the large cave.

Cut the thick vines away from the cave entrance using the shears you grabbed. Take the path east Treasures of Persia the signpost to the Harmony Temple. When you start a new game you will get the option to continue on from a saved game from The Lost Orb or to start a completely new game. Autumn in France the inn-keeper for lying. Then talk to the woman behind the statue. She is looking at a golden medallion. Go outside and Aveyonnd: 3 paces east of the southernmost palm you should have the shovel from the items shop in Veldarah. Descend into the well.

Turns out, they still have some marital issues… While they get themselves sorted out, you need to go run an errand for the king. Return to Dire Woods and search for Star Temple. Follow the squirrels but the temple is locked. You can only dismount when the shadow is on flat ground. Water flows from the pipes. Finally, go into the top exit across the water and use the Cave Key on the door. The Lady of Light tells Stella that she can find what she seeks beyond. Yemite senses that the cursed object is at the bottom of the village well. He gives you a hat. Inside you see a system of pipes and a lever. Loot the chests, fight the baddies and interact with the mysterious cursed object at the end. The professors tell the students to go to their rooms. Orion Caves. Go into the lower exit and pull the lever. Restore the Star Temple in Dire Woods When you enter the temple, you will get a scene telling you that you need to find clues.

The next morning, go back to the Hall of Magic and sit down at the empty desk in the main classroom. Make sure to use the sword station on the way. Before you leave the den, enhance Shard. Enter the cave where priestesses guard the portal that goes between the dream world and the waking world. Place the Orb on the statue and enter Dreamland. Mel, however, assures that she is safe. Just get the rusty dagger from the chest by the entrance and make your way all the way around to the area west of the Great Tree. Pick up the Find a Mask quest, below, before going. Some gifts will disappoint. Go back to the gem dealer. Make your way around to the top. Make sure you heal up with bread when necessary. He would give anything to have his own arm bone back. Now go up the ladder to the red portal. Return to Veldarah and go to the big house in the northwest.

Besides, one can imagine what wondrous things could be accomplished using it. Do try giving her the presents, though, for some entertainment! They join your party. After Mel has signed up for classes, return to Professor Yavara. He wants you to find out who has been stealing the jewels. Sheian Lyr is in the center south, and the way there is to go south from the first flame and then back east. Then go back to the courtyard and talk to the professors. One at a time, target the others straight away. You can get these from fighting the monsters in the cave. Go east and interact with the peg by the chasm to put the rope across the chasm. Yemite runs to accompany her and disappears. Underfall You are now playing as Stella with Edward and Te'ijal You need to head back to the real Aveyond, but before leaving why not go to that party at Darkling Hall. Declaring the debt paid, she transforms into a bat and flies away. Use the Ice Pick to get spelled ice.


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  1. He rewards you with a lute. Then go in the water. After Petir and Katie get married, go to Veldarah castle and talk to Katie again.

  2. One at a time, target the others straight away. He gives you a biography of Hercules and asks that you take it to the publishing house in Veldarah. Do get the money bags and open chests.

  3. The lady who was doing yard work finished and her shears are on the lawn. Wear your sleep pendants too. Pick up the 2nd pipe piece north of this. Leave the property and go south to the children playing in a clearing. Inside you see a system of pipes and a lever.

  4. Outside, find the pretty comb that is on the ground at Mysten Far. She will tell you that her wedding ring was stolen. Sheian Lyr is in the center south, and the way there is to go south from the first flame and then back east. Mel refuses to go without Edward.

  5. You can explore Harakauna if you like and say hello to some old friends, but there is nothing really interesting to do. Just then, Gyendal runs into the main hall and snatches the Staff of Destiny ready to call the darklings to his command. Check in on Gregor to find he has finished his manuscript. Bring them to the temple and place them on the pedestals surrounding the arrow. One at a time, target the others straight away.

  6. On Mt Orion, even though the signpost says that Mysten Far is east, you actually need to take the south path to Mysten Far, which turns east after a little while. The two gates to the north are now open. Note: The Scorpion Ring hidden in a treasure chest is powerful but will break eventually so use it wisely.

  7. The staff she brought with her belonged to a demon and still retains his essence. The Lady of Light tells Stella that she can find what she seeks beyond. Now go into the house and find Katie upstairs. Middle right 4. Mel retorts that the Oracle told her to take the staff.

  8. The queen you select snatches the diadem and crowns herself with it. Blueleaf Forest is exactly the same as it was in The Lost Orb. Leave Mysten Far and go into the lower part of Mt.

  9. Go north first and follow the path until you get to the Star Temple. Fight the ghosts and triumph—but nobody cheers. Then go back to the courtyard and talk to the professors. Talk to him and Lady Anara.

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