Mystery Trackers: Raincliff

After a group of young students go missing, the Mystery Trackers are called in to search the city of Raincliff! Tackle this difficult case and unravel the strange mystery to save the students! Explore the entire town and discover who is watching your every move in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff! Use your Hidden Object talents to carefully dissect scenes and piece together perplexing puzzles!

Carefully crafted environments and nicely-told story. This version is a Collector's Edition. More puzzles than HOS in fact, and the puzzles are very challenging. At the time of release some games may have been original. Good story. It's that organised! They may be gratifying to acquire but Look at the mini-game on the refrigerator. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by areti7 from Mystery Trackers. Walk down 3 times, then go forward to the lane. Graphics were top notch - still great even by today's standards. Creates a mysterious chilly atmosphere. If you're used to keeping notes from Nancy Drew or similar games, you'll do fine - if you aren't: well, keep a pad next to you while you play and write down where everything is and what it 'needs'. Play the HOP F. If there is no benefit, there is no value.

That's about it. The safe opens; take the ruby eagle medal. Black Isle Collector's Edition. It has numerous scenes that individually have numerous actions ranging from as few as 1 to as many as 8 actions in the scene with an average of about actions per scene. There is also a wide variety of other clever puzzles that also range in difficulty from easy to pretty difficult. Bottom row: 2nd chip seen from left. Walk down 4 times to the crossroads, then go forward 3 times to the square. Read the notes G. Lots of fun start to finish. If you accept the premise that there are "phantoms" or "invisibles," then everything that occurs makes sense. Climb to the basement entrance on the right and enter the garage, then the bus. Select the boat for a hidden object scene L. I had to stop playing for a couple of days and when I came back, after two hints I was right back into the swing of it. Color the whole mask to reveal a Hidden Object Scene under the hatch.

Homme Mystery Trackers: Raincliff

There are four modes - casual relaxed which is my preferenceadvanced, hardcore with absolutely no help and detective which has less help Mystery Trackers: Raincliff hardcore. The tombs open, zoom Yucatan. You have no map to help you - and this game Little Things used one a 'jump' map would not have been amiss. The graphics are good. Creates a mysterious chilly atmosphere. It is a fairly lengthy game. Walk down to exit the building, then enter the manhole and climb down the ladder. Go to the Square. Date Adera Rated 5 out of 5 by grunny50 from Top Marks! Walk down 3 Trsckers: to the crossroads. Once I started playing, it was hard to stop. There are Fathers Day HOGs and puzzles that range in difficulty from pretty easy to somewhat difficult. Go to the Street. Walk left to the Mill.

Go to the Bar Entrance. You have no map to help you - and this game could've used one a 'jump' map would not have been amiss. Try to go down through the hole in the floor Q. Walk down 5 times to the stairwell. Look at the close-up of the trap T. It is a fairly lengthy game. Look at the birdhouse and click on the door U. Walk forward once, then enter the building on the left. Walk down, then go forward twice through the Oak alley gate. Your goal is to enter the code 3 8 2 5 The key pad is broken; the note on the right shows you the number each key will produce when you click it. Not the way to the radio tower E. While I won't ever confuse them for "live" actors, they look as good or better than any "cartoon" characters I've seen.

The bear's mouth opens, and you can take the arrow. Sparkle 2 are Trsckers: given, which I like. The plot's been done to death, and there are no twists or new angles on it. The object is to switch on all the lights. The object of this mini-game is to rotate all the discs so that the slots are on the left and the lock bolt can exit. Climb down the hole in the wall. Is it the most difficult? I bought this game in the Collectors Edition because in my opinion, the extras are well worth Mystery Trackers: Raincliff money, an I Moai: Build Your Dream say that I'm still thrilled with the game from beginning to ending!


Mystery Trackers 2: Raincliff [09] w/YourGibs - Chapter 8 - Escape - Final End Game

I most certainly recommend this game for any level of player, one of my all time favorites, enjoy! In length, the bonus chapter is about one-third of the standard game. This game is almost perfect and I highly recommend it. Walk down twice to return to the kitchen. MT-R is a game that demands patience, perseverance, and shrewd thinking. Look at the roses Q. To get all, you must complete the tutorial, complete all HOS without a hint and take at least 10 minutes to play a HOS. Got used to it after awhile though so no big issue. Most important, there isn't one "dud. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by canadiangirl94 from Another excellent Mystery Trackers game Excellent game. Visuals were crisp and excellent and although you didn't need to hear the voice overs, listening to them gave a good sense of the situation unfolding and the urgency to figure things out quickly. This has a great storyline, invisible people that do not want you there, but you get a little dog who will help you, so do not forget about Elf.

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  1. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by hibc60 from another great mystery trackers I love this series of games. I do recommend this. Look inside the refrigerator P.

  2. Enter the gate B. What she finds is, well invisible people! I found some points just plain eerie, which is exactly what I play these games for.

  3. Walk down twice to return to the crossroads. Blessings, Date published: These are well placed and require a little effort to find..

  4. Look at the easel to learn you need black and white paint F. At the time of release some games may have been original. Each block may effect other blocks. Color the whole mask to reveal a Hidden Object Scene under the hatch. Try to go down through the hole in the floor Q.

  5. Pacing: The universe depicted in this game is not as extensive as some others I've played, but the gameplay keeps you busy. The HOS are plentiful and not that hard but present enough of a challenge to not use hints, graphics are great, and in playing the game, you'll be doing lots of running around from scene to scene. I was hooked within the first scene--I wish more games were as well-crafted as the MT games!

  6. Black Isle Collector's Edition. Walk down 5 times, then go forward 4 times to the Oak alley gate. The Collectors Edition has achievements to earn and those weird morphing animals that Mystery Trackers has made famous, and even a frost meter that requires you to find clothing etc. Buy this game if you loved Return to Ravenhearst.

  7. Click on the outer arms D to move them and click on the inner piece E to rotate it as well. Place the ruby eagle medal Spoiler 56 , the white eagle medal Spoiler 45 and the black eagle medal into the spots on the chain. There is an integrated strategy guide that is more than adequate. Items are well named, with none of the confusing misnomers we are familiar with in other games. The plot's been done to death, and there are no twists or new angles on it.

  8. Click anywhere on the screen. Select the truck for a Hidden Object Scene V. It was a great game. Look at the pile of dirt A. Look at the close-up of the fountain H.

  9. It just wasn't up to the high standard the main game set. Take the hook knife. Flipping one chip will affect all surrounding chips. Look at the wolf head over the door O. This game will please every Big Fish games player.

  10. Enter the building and return to the kitchen. If it doesn't work on my upstairs Windows 10, I put on my downstairs XP. The graphics are good. The story is captivating, the graphics great, and you never repeat a HOG scene.

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