Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Fear lingers in a remote laboratory after a physicist's suspicious demise. A police investigation resulted in nothing except a case as cold as the secretive personalities and steel walls that enshroud a top-secret Tesla-inspired facility. That's why the lab owner asked you, Detective Nancy Drew, to expose the terrifying truth about The Deadly Device!

It's hot in here. Based on the clues; the colors are red, green, yellow, purple and blue. It didn't seem to have the exotic travel element to it as previous games, but I was wrong to be worried. Find Ellie: Go upstairs to Ellie's office. A secret compartment is opened. Take the poured acid and empty it on the white beaker. Choose level - move the lever at right to either high or low. Click on the monitor and then security icon. Mason's office: Go to Mason's office. Take a silicon wafer from cabinet. Those who take the time to delve into the various books scattered around will learn a lot about Nikola Tesla, his inventions, and maybe a bit about patent injustice as well. Look close at the lock. If you're as fascinated with the genius inventor as I, you will totally appreciate the work and research invested by Her Interactive in The Deadly Device. The only shape left from the clues is square. The yellow shape is pressed last.

The only shape left is diamond. Go back to the lounge at lower level. Pick up the cat's body tucked to the left of the metal door. The circle is neither red not the last shape pressed. Take the cat leg left of the microscope under the cabinet. This may seem hard to some. I am very pleased Her Interactive continues to publish Nancy Drew games. I love the side games. Go to the bedroom and set the alarm for daylight. Press the red start button 4. Explore the Tesla coil lab: Ellie is trapped in the booth. Press the talk button and hear Ellie. Click on a square on the left to place a cube.

Gratuit Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device sГ©rieux cherche

Talk to Ryan about the time of the murder. Gray screams at Nancy. To keep track of what you are doing you have a tasklist on screen and you can tick off anything you have done or ask for a hint if you are stuck… If you are after a more sedate game Defense of Roman Britain nice voice work and story and some great puzzles Nancy Drew may be that game. Ryan leaves to fix the media player. Entry 2 mentions needing a new coil design. Continue to talk to Nancy about Gray. She is still nasty. Mess with the coils: Enter the control booth. Press fro Master: Deadlj, blue, green, green, blue, pink, green, blue, pink. The star is pressed sometime before the circle. Some things must be done in a certain order to unlock Daedly items. Using the clue below the coat rack drawing turn clockwise: the left hook 10 times, the middle hook 5 times and the Nzncy hook 3 times. If you run several energy tests, you Mystery Trackers: Silent Hollow win an award. Namcy the printed circuit design on the image tray 2 below the monitor. The HF automatically goes on the shelf.

I would suggest saving frequently. So she's helping Nancy with her access to the database. I love the side games. Explore the Photolithography lab: Enter the yellow door. It is the same card number that opened the lab before the murder: Figure out the meaning of the list of book titles from Ellie's desk: Look close at the bookcase on the left. The color sequence left shows red - yellow - blue immediately after the last green. Engage system - right switch. She will fix Niko's media player if Nancy gets her a Koko Mallos from the candy machine. Ryan explains that those notes are to warn Niko about the dangers of the item he wants her to make. Go to and enter security. The only shape left is diamond. Check her desk again. You can't go wrong! The blue shape is a star.

Click on the monitor and then security icon. If you run several energy tests, you might win an award. A friend of her father asked about Nancy. Listen to Niko's Thr of Engage system - right switch.

She says she's also locked in. Open the keycard icon on monitor. Nancy wants to know who owns the card. Go to the vent on the floor. Have fun; I certainly did! I am very pleased Her Interactive continues to publish Nancy Drew games. You'll see if you play the game. Ryan and the cat: Go upstairs to Ryan at the workshop. She cleared Ryan of being here the night of the murder. Close the drawer. While I believe that the next incarnations should take some hints from some of the new school, the old school feel of The Deadly Device was refreshing. See an opened drawer with a black light-lamp. Arrange the shreds to form the document.


Nancy Drew - The Deadly Device (Bonus Edition) (Part 5) [HD]

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  1. Amateur Master Find out why Mason was in the lab after hours. The blue shape is a star. The star is pressed sometime before the circle. You can mess up his desk if you want. Place the numbers in the circles so that each 3 numbers on a line add up to 15 for Amateur.

  2. Thanks, misslilo. See what is inside Niko's notebook: Read the notebook and learn that Niko suspects Ellie about missing research materials and that the Faraday cage is failing. There is a cat body left of the high voltage wall.

  3. Start on bottom layer and copy the arrangement of the cubes. She cleared Ryan of being here the night of the murder. There are 4 of 4x4 letters below. If an error is made, pour it in the Hazardous waste disposal at right. I will add, each mystery is unique with new spins and features to gameplay and player first-person adventure driven immersion.

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