Puppetshow: Return to Joyville

Travel back in time to help stop a terrible fire that started Felicia down her destructive path in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville! This time traveling adventure takes you back to Joyville when Felicia was a small child. With the help of Felicia, try to stop the fire that incinerated her fathers theater. This fire horribly burned Felicia, and caused her to turn evil. By changing the past, Felicia hopes for a chance at redemption. Discover who the true villain is in this captivating adventure!

Please look at the screenshot for the solution Z. Click on the chest panel. Press the D button six times. Go into the left door. Examine the door; use the CANE to get the bag 9. Go back to the restaurant. Please look at the screenshot for the solution T. Just be warned that the previous games are rather easy and some of them quite short. I gave the previous 2 games 4 stars and this is a solid improvement, so I had to do it. Add the beard to below the chin and the snake to the top of the head. Click on the speaker post. Click on the panel. Take the poker.

Homme Puppetshow: Return to Joyville

Add Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding button. Move down four scenes, then move toward the stage, go backstage Puppetshoww: and climb the ladder. Free Ornella. Add the three dolls anywhere. Start with A since the number 5 is written below it. Click on the crowbar to remove the barrel Joyvilld to get the balls. Attach the chain. Go forward. Take the tea bag from the tea cup. Just be warned that the previous games are rather easy and some of them quite short. Please follow steps 1 through 16 on the screenshot to solve the puzzle. Use the pole to get the fridge handle. Press the D button six times.

Add the hose. Open the chest panel and use the tweezers to remove the beetle. Open the lawn mower grate cover to get the cockerel. Add the pins. Press the Start button to start the hedgehog moving. Click on the sewing machine. Click on the bike. After the cutscene, click on the crates. Use the hook on the sewer grate. Click on the buttons to remove the panels to gain access to the wires. Add the fridge handle, then open the fridge. Move the partition.

The coloured gear does not have to stay on the disc. Climb through the window. Click on the bottom of the floating set and add the wheel. Continue moving the ornamental pieces towards it to match up the patterns. Click on the broken door to start a hidden object hunt. Go through the door to access the second corridor. Use the garden Delicious: Emilys Hopes and Fears Collectors Edition on the grass left to get the locomotive. Leave the tree house. Leave the room. Talk to Cricks.

Zoom into the cherubs; attach the ROPE to the hand. To rotate a piece, hover your mouse over it. Select the question mark for the arrows to appear; move the left arrow to show the different accessories: hats, mustaches, bows etc. Take the cane and the elastic band. Use the pitched stick in the pipe to get the ornamental piece. They have also put in a Journal this time which makes life a little easier while playing, but they still haven't added a map. Note the set piece being repaired. Open the panel and use the mug as a scoop to get a mug of fuel. Press the F button two times. The completed image disappeared before getting a screenshot. Solution: Enter the room. Go through the center left door; put the LAMP in the scene. Advanced: Slower recharge and only sparkles on HO scenes. Walk Down. Add the puzzle core to the centre of the keyhole.

The arrows can only move in the direction they are pointing to. Click on the bike. Click on the control panel at the right. Click on the cut fence to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the left doll. The HOS are not cluttered. Take the spool. Take the ornamental piece. Below is a screenshot of one possible solution: Go through the newly opened door. When the sarcophagus opens, take the bandage. The whole series so far has had a lack of character involvement all together and uses rather thin storytelling. Add the gate piece. Press on the pastry bag E and then on the 3 cake slices; take the cake F. Add the saw disk.


PC Longplay [281] Puppetshow: Return to Joyville (Collectors Edition) (Part 1 of 2) (Main Game)

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  1. Click on the hanging clothes. Put the weight on the hook to get the handle. Click on the left doll. Take the button.

  2. Click on the debris to start a hidden object hunt. Go through the newly-opened door on the right. Add the two lock parts.

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