Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill Collectors Edition

ERS Games returns with the next installment of the Shadow Wolf Mysteries series! After escaping as an infant, you and your father have been called back to Wolfhill. Your cousin sent your father the family symbol, which can only mean one thing... he's in danger from the same thing you ran from! Will your wolf curse help you save the day, or will it be your downfall? Find out in this hair-raising hidden-object puzzle adventure!

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Open the helmet A to find the Skull. Add the clamp part, Defense of Roman Britain place the pocket watch in the vice. Go forward to the left of the carriage. Click the cabinet to remove the cover and take the safe handle. Go south, then through the right door and up through the window. To the right of the body, click on the blue glass, then take it. Put the planks across the moat 2. Mini-puzzle: Slide click and drag the Wolfhi,l out of the way to clear a path for the key to exit through the opening. Take the crucible from Wolfhlil wooden crate 4. Impressive puzzle hidden objects game. The goal is to align the items under the correct icon along the top. Drag the red disk until its notch is even with the lock mechanism to open the door. Left Courtyard Examine the baby buggy. Take the second floor Mysteriex: from the desk clerk B.

Click on the chest. Go south five scenes, then go east towards the prefect. Move tile 4 one square down. Move tile 1 one square up. Click on the boxes 1. Take the Jester. Once inside the house, go into the room on the right. Clean the mirror 2 with the soap sponge, take note of the numbers, You can also free download Spider Man Web Of shadows. Click the chessboard 1 and stitching on the sack to expose all the objects. Move tile 3 one square right. Use the oil can on the rusty hinges.

Open the case and take the code. Collectora the lock pick. Place the explosive on the lock. This items was not on the hidden object list. Now move the green tile according to the arrows. When you are finished, a door knob is added to your inventory. The AXE is retained in inventory. Click the body to start a hidden WWolf hunt. Go inside. Click the book 1 to expose all the objects. Click on the beam above the swing. Go north. Use the fishing rod to get a fish. Click on the sandbox, then use the bucket on the Sparkle 2 pile to get a bucket of sand.

Return to the hotel. Unscrew the screws with the screwdriver, then open the plaque click on it. Look at the hole in the deck caused by the falling crate B. Find the remaining objects. The wheels turn, lowering a platform. Leave the room. The information is stored in the Notes. There are only two marbles that meet these criteria, both red. Pick up the Letter P and the Kite. Leave the room south. Take the screw from where it falls 2. The solid aqua circle in now correctly positioned.

Click and drag the red and blue marbles that have openings to accommodate the pins already placed i. Trail to Cabin Play the hidden object scene. Place the shied. Only the blue 2 marble fits. Use the stone to break the chain off the wall, then take the hooked chain. Pick up the note on the stool D. Leave the tent and take the left path to the caged wolf. Break the bread open and take the File. Click on the portraits on the back wall. Click on the lower window on the right. Go south, then north twice. Look in the tree to open a puzzle. Mausoleum Click the wolf statue to activate the scene A.

Lighthouse Interior Play the hidden object scene. This items was not on the hidden object list. Remove the plate. Go south twice. Take the wheel. Mini-puzzle: Move click and drag the yellow circles anywhere on the board so the beams cross through all the blue circles. Work the rings and continue swapping colors. Click to move the objects and then take the ornate disk. Put the lamp in the hole in the tree. For the second two blue tiles B , use the back and forth movement before going on to the next tile. Leave the scene and go north two scenes, then take the path to the cave. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the smaller discs so each covers a shape on the larger disc. Add the pipe, then fasten it with the screw. See the above inset for one solution.

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  1. Click on the boxes 1. Inspect the mailbox. When you are finished, a whip is added to your inventory.

  2. Cargo Hold Speak with the captain. Click on the beam above the swing. Chapter 1: Finding the Count Estate Entrance Click the wolf attacking the carriage to activate the scene. Once you are finished, click the area that just opened.

  3. Click those same three symbols on the safe see above inset. Click the shelf right and take the mace. Click to aim the cannon at the lighthouse door. Drag the red disk until its notch is even with the lock mechanism to open the door. Enter the secret passage.

  4. Move tile 2 one square up and one square left. Find the rest of the hidden objects. Maybe it is because Tracks of Terror is already the fifth game into this werewolf saga, or maybe it is because werewolves were being used constantly in HOPA games — we found Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Tracks of Terror to be neither interesting, nor terrifying. The above screenshot shows the correct solution. Go back to the cave and go through it south three times, north twice, take the west path and go through the cave.

  5. Remove the cloth hanging on the right to find the Belt. Click the medallions to swap places with each other to get the correct ear match. Climb through the window. Put the bird in the cage. The smaller discs rotate themselves and the large disc rotates itself.

  6. Go back to the ground floor D and return to the harbor. Tunnel End Look at the bricks on the far wall A. Use the GLUE on the teapot. Mini-puzzle: Rotate the rings so each gem is pointing to a similar coloured gem.

  7. Use the arrows on the sides to rotate the discs. Round Two. When a correct match is made, the tiles turn pink. Play is mostly linear although there are some options for the order in which to explore locations.

  8. Get the Shell and Bottle. Other than those features, Tracks of Terror appears to be quite simple. Easy to play and easy to download. Place the dynamite on the wall and use the matches to light the fuse.

  9. Place the statuette on the box 1. Then use the clover to push the coin down to its row. Click on the side of the tree to get the pocket watch. Click the lever 7 to tip the crucible, then click the mould 8. Click on the cart and take the screw.

  10. Click on the shed to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the portraits on the back wall. Inspect the trap door on the floor. Position the top left ring so a blue gem points east. She gives you a card.

  11. Put the ladder against the curtains. Go north. Use the same logic for the red marble on the other side 3 and place the green marble 4. Use the PIN to push the peg out of the hub. Click the lever to raise the bricks on the floor A.

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