9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame

The Festival of Fools is in full swing in Paris when the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral abduct a festivalgoer in plain sight. What was assumed to be a festival stunt turns out to be something much more foul. You are hired by the Paris Police to work the arcane angle of the case in this fantastical reimagining of Victor Hugo’s classic tale.

Click the air horn near the cat; collect the mask. Zoom into the opened cabinet to access a hidden objects area. Leave and go to the stained glass chamber. Memorize which room leads where and keep a handy list of what seems important in each room. Use it to grab objects that are far above you. Go to the police station entrance in Paris. To solve, click the arrows as follows: 1 — 6 — 2 — 5 — 4 — 6 — 3 — 5 Move forward. Go to the bell tower stairwell. Give the merchant the coins. Chapter 6: Number 9 Leave the police archive and head to the frozen fountain. Click the gem. Talk to the man. Use the pruners on the vines and zoom into the ball to get the lizard; pull the handle to get the glass sphere 2. Enter the police archives. Zoom into the cash register; collect the map.

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The Battle Slots chapter is short, but fun and adds to the back story of the Trade Mania game. Place the bulb in the flashlight to get the stone statuette 1. Zoom into the Romancing the Seven Wonders: Taj Mahal collect the register handle. Zoom into the chest to access a hidden objects area. I Damee all to try it you won't be disappointed. Use the brush on the cobwebs to get the rabbit 6. Stitch the pattern of the 9. Stitch the pattern of the 9. Go up the stairs. Click on the coffin and select the panel to get a mini-game. Go forward and awaken in the dungeon. Zoom into the cash register; attach the register handle. Insert the keys and rotate the disks to finish the picture. Move upstairs to the south floor gallery; collect the gear. Definitely recommended.

Captivating is the word I will use to describe this one. Zoom into the drawer; collect the chess piece. Zoom into the cart; click the items and collect the rope. Examine the pedestal; choose the items to assemble the dagger J. The guardian amulet will now be able to assist you in finding hidden symbols. Move the lapel to get the invitation card 6. Click the air horn near the cat; collect the mask. Go to the scaffolding in Notre Dame. Go forward into the police precinct. Zoom into the pile of bricks. Examine the opened van to access a HOS Q. Examples: Wiring a circuit, runes and codes, one involving photographs of a mime was completely original and fun, magnets, potions, baking, carving. Select the hairdryer twice to dry the lock piece. Go down the right stairwell. Go to the Seine riverbank.

Gorgeous Paris locations to explore. Place the jug into the water; collect the jug of water. I've played hundreds of HO games and am hard to impress these days, but this game had me hooked! To solve the puzzle, select disk 3 W. You will be on a roof with a row of gargoyles. Zoom into the bench seat and insert the gem. Find the items listed. Zoom into the table and place the gilded lion onto it. Inside the second drawer is Paper With Code. Zoom into the cash register; Glimmer the map. Move the hand according The Golden Years: Way Out West the code T. Move back once go to the right and move Sparkle 2 to the south tower stairwell.

Zoom into the tourist center board. Select the code H. Roll the dough with jam and use the knife M to make the rolls. Select the oven knobs and open the oven. Zoom into the opened cabinet to access a hidden objects area. Collect the bear. Zoom into the table; collect the lyre emblem. I have a nit-picky pet peeve which also annoyed me in the first installment - Use something the wrong way or make a bad click and a black bar remark ending " Tip: Use the hand cursor and not the tip of the brush. Zoom into the cart; click the items and collect the rope. I recommend this one. Go to the police hall. Back out twice. Collect the car keys and read the note.

Solve by clicking the arrows. All background material was available where found throughout game. Re-enter the stonemason workshop. Zoom into the walkway; collect the jewelry box arrow. Use the sprig on the bird to get a peace dove 3. Back out twice and go right. Go up the newly-opened grate. Move to the Notre Dame Plaza. The graphics were clear, animation was entertaining loved the voice of my little helper gargoyle! Now go to the table and make a cup of coffee. These will allow you to cross the open grave in the burial grounds and take the Branch Broom. Back out three times. Use the SOAP on the grater and place the shavings inside the bowl. Select Gladriel; use him to collect the torch.

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  1. Zoom into the table and place the gilded lion onto it. Zoom into the chest of drawer. Attempt to go downstairs to trigger a cut scene U.

  2. There are quite a few of them but they are enjoyable to do. See screenshot for solution D. Go to the police station entrance. Use the falcon mold, flint and steel on the candle; collect the falcon. Graphics are clear, music matches the atmosphere of the game, and the puzzles are doable for me at least - they might be too easy for some people.

  3. Take the carving to the burner and then use the varnish. Move back once and go to the cemetery entrance. Back out and go right. Move the gem into the circle.

  4. Collect the falcon mold. Place the thin twine onto the rod; collect the fishing rod. You will need to find several items inside. Select the fishing rod to collect the green jewel key. All up the game and bonus took me about 10 hours.

  5. Move the mask to get the beetle 4. Examine the coffin and zoom into the panel to trigger a puzzle B. Collect the pick-ax. Examine the cabinet to access a HOS S. I'll have an awesome Sunday!

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