Haunted Manor: Queen of Death

Dive into Haunted Manor: Queen of Death and save your sister before it's too late! Find a powerful amulet to stop an ancient evil in this amazing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. After receiving a mysterious letter, you return home to find that your family has been murdered. The only survivor is your sister, Stella, who now needs you to save her! Concoct a powerful elixir to save Stella and then confront the Queen of Death!

Add the four punched key cards. A cable is added to your inventory. Arrange the discs so they depict the cycle of life. Note: the dial will highlight blue when you position a coin correctly and death will automatically be added upon completion of the puzzle. Then play those keys in that order 1 5 7 2. Click on the note. Place the KEY in the keyhole and open the door. Look inside the barrel. Take the centipede. When the chest opens, take the snake catcher stick and the arrow. Click on the hatch. There are many solutions to this puzzle and the starting positions are random. Take the corkscrew. A key is added to your inventory.

Put the ladder against the carriage. For instance, if I spin the green circuit it is going to spin the blue circuit counter-clockwise. Click on the runes above the chair. Click on any other conductor to turn its lever to that direction. Click on the door. Then two bats will open their eyes. Add the reflector to the slot. Take the key. Has no voice over. Tiles can only move in a straight line. Click on a ring until the marble reaches the vacuum tube. Click on the curtain. Add theleft heart halfand theright heart half, then theflower. Move the symbols 2, 3, and 7 into place. Add the four punched key cards.


Haunted Manor 2 // Full Walkthrough- Android Gameplay ᴴᴰ

Hidden objects screenshots will only highlight yellow circles the items added to your inventory and actions needed to find items. Take the clown head, mask eye and the crypt signet. Add the six candles and light all six separately with the lighter. Exit back to the Hallway. Add the snake to the fresco. When you pull the plunger switch 3 , it will not only suck up the globe but will also move the symbol into the correct position. Return to the tree house. Go to the music room. This game has named its areas. Click on the demon. Return to the passageway from the mine entrance. An empty pitcher is added to your inventory.

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Take the spider. Add thepuzzle disc. As the lock pieces glide along the rail, they will spin. There's Hajnted map and quite a bit of bouncing to do from scene to scene; but that's no real problem: it's easy to draw your own map as you go along, and backtracking cuts off the linerarity anyway; the game doesn't babysit you thereby ensuring a better challenge. Add the reflector to the slot. Move the curtain to reveal the star. Has no voice over. Haunted Manor: Queen of Death the 12 daemons. Move the telescope around to find five symbols. Zoom into the left casket M. Click the outer ring to spin it once. The code is Caribbean Riddle 9 2. I thought initially that I had wasted my money when I bought this game as the graphics weren't the best Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Collectors Edition seen but I persisted with the game and I am glad I did!

Enter the Cabinet. When you are presented with an inventory item, click anywhere outside the window to close it. I made an exception this time and I am glad I did as I found that the bonus chapter provided a much better ending, not to say the logical conclusion to that quest. You will see a cork on the front of the barrel near the bottom. Click through the dialogue. Enter the laboratory. Click on the debris on the stairs to start a hidden object hunt. Remove the bandage. Click on the sceptre to fling it onto the chandelier. The one described here corresponds to this game play. Hint system — Hints are available in the bottom right-hand of the screen. Click on the note. An insect net is added to your inventory. Move towards the house entrance. There are many solutions to this puzzle, one is to click on the eyes in the following order: 3, 2, 1, and 2.

Has no voice over. Return to the Mine Entrance. Click on the piano. Remove the map with theknife four clicks. Even if you are a veteran of these games, playing the tutorial is always Wonderland Solitaire good idea. The screenshot above shows the placement of all the demon heads.

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  1. Click on the painting. Click on the pillow and click on the code 3 9. Move the curtain to reveal the zebra.

  2. Click down to return to the parlour. The story is good, and the scenes are well thought out. Asignetis added to your inventory.

  3. Click on the vanity stand. Enter the mausoleum. Remove the cork with the corkscrew. Do this to position the nut so when you move it back, it will line up with the centre nut.

  4. Move the wallpaper D to reveal the envelope. Take the three cards. Open the cabinet T to reveal the opera glasses.

  5. Click on the newspaper and read the article. Note: the dial will highlight blue when you position a coin correctly and death will automatically be added upon completion of the puzzle. Move the plaque T to reveal the warrior. Open the panel and take the statuette.

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