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Search for your brother, Jeremy, in a beautiful world where the sky is as wide as your imagination in the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Surface: The Soaring City! Jeremy was a great inventor who discovered a magnificent land soaring in the sky. He created wings for the people, making them free. The new citizens were happy...until one day Jeremy was kidnapped and blamed for conducting inhumane experiments. It's up to you to save your brother from imprisonment and redeem his good name.

Text appears along the top of the screen. Once all the slots have filled up arrows will be used on each side allowing you to scroll through your entire inventory items. Loved the storyline, gameplay, Hops and puzzles. I loved the storyline and fantasy theme. You may now proceed through the elevator. If you need to release it just click on any area outside the screen and it will return to its inventory slot. You may need to place a flower in a vase, cut an item, repair missing parts, or any other kind of action to build the item needed. Assemble the pieces until you see the solution above. Click on the username to go to the profile menu and create a new one or change it. Mini Game — Your objective is to rotate the four suns so they are all upright at the same time. Very rarely do I give 5 stars but when I do, its usually Elephant Games that just bowl me over with excitement and this game is magnificent. Take ROPE into inventory. Unique but not overly hard puzzles. If you do not have the item in your inventory you may have to exit out of the HOS and find it If your cursor changes to a hand this means you can pick up this item and place it with another in the scene. Walk down, go through the door, and move forward.

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Locate all the hidden objects in white text shown circled above. Great VO's done very believable, stunning artwork and beautiful scenery. This will trigger a mini game. Walk down three times and go down. Mahjong: Wolf Stories never used a hint, skipped a puzzle or bypassed Tbe part of the game. Read the note. To solve this puzzle Dset the five magnets marked in purple in a way so that each compass needle points towards North. Turn the lever I. Take the GLUE into inventory. Solution — Shown above is the solution. Solutions are as follows to unlock each lock. Go down three times. These flowers can be hidden Te in a new scene or inside of a window that you open up for a closer look. You may hover your Surface: The Soaring City over the various areas to see what kind of achievements you can earn. Try another title from the series!

Unable to solve a puzzle? Take the RING and add it to the indentation. Click on one puzzle piece to exchange it with another. It reminds me of the old Godzilla movies. To solve this puzzle S , drag the puzzle pieces along the strings to recreate the correct figure. Read the note. It has a satisfying length although-I didn't want to stop playing and exploring! In the bonus chapter I had 8 places that had tasks so the guide helped. Return to the Hall of Wings. You now may go inside the workshop so proceed inside. Go up in the air. It was like getting two well connected stories in one game and check out the bonus videos. There is a jumping map but I didnt use its much cause you generally don't have to travel that far. If you are able, I recommend you go for the collectors edition.

Battle Slots on the PIPE to far right to zoom in. The speed in which the number counts down depends on the difficulty mode you have chosen to play in. Main Menu The main menu screen is shown here and its features are circled. The cursor will change depending upon the type of action you need to take. Watch cut scene video. Click on the lock to open the suitcase. Go inside and watch the cut scene video. Click on COAT to zoom in. The solution is shown in the image above. Click on area under crossbow to Surfce: in. Click on the lock to open door. The lights will now turn on. Go back once. Each time Soariing complete an achievement a message will briefly appear in the Syrface: left corner of the game screen.


Surface 5: Reel Life CE [01] w/YourGibs - MOVIE THEATER TIGER - OPENING - Part 1

Go up in the air. Read it and take the flower into philanthropy inventory. Place the rabbits in the areas circled in red and the turtles where they are circled in blue. This will trigger a mini game. Click on the CAGE to zoom in. Each sun is labeled C, D, E, or F. Click on the device at center of scene to zoom in. Locate the hidden objects listed in white text shown circled in image above. If you choose hint while in an HOS it will show you where one of the items on the list are located by showing a brief circle of light around the item s. Go back inside moving forward once. You will have to come back here later. Move forward and turn left. Read the NOTE and take the flower.

Click on the glass display case to the far right to zoom in. You will do one at a time from left to right. Click on the username to go to the profile menu and create a new one or change it. You may need to complete a task before an area will begin to sparkle and activate as a HOS. Click on the BAG to zoom in. Take the ROPE into inventory. Hidden Object scenes will be referred to as HOS throughout this guide. Our QuickStart Guides are intended to provide you with all the essential information you need to access pre-existing walkthroughs. Go inside and watch the cut scene video. There are potentially three flowers you may find and they are red, gold, and silver. This is an item you will need in the game to proceed in completing another puzzle. Go back inside the workshop. Do it again!!! The storyline was unique and flowed at a good pace. Click on SAND and add to first orb circled in green.

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  1. You may hover your mouse over the various areas to see what kind of achievements you can earn. To solve this puzzle J , drag and move the images to the correct height. Click on the handle to activate it. There is a jumping map but I didnt use its much cause you generally don't have to travel that far. You will now go up in the air.

  2. Go inside and watch the cut scene video. Remember some items are parts of other items that will need to be assembled and some are parts for mini game puzzles and you may need to find more than one of an item before it can be used. The HOS were good, but I frequently had to leave them and look for objects that were needed to complete them.

  3. Watch the cut scene video. The puzzle that I really liked was the hamster maze, jigsaw, shooting the bell and most of them. Click on the PIPE again to zoom in.

  4. And, sometimes you need a tool and it takes a long enough time to find it that you forget where you needed it. Each time you exit the game it will be automatically saved and you will be brought back to that exact location and user profile when you resume game play. To solve the second part of this puzzle, first rotate all the red balls as shown on picture 1 , then rotate the green man to the spot 2.

  5. I absolutely recommend this for a wonderful escape. Chapter 6 — The Palace Entrance Click on the two flowers circled in red for your philanthropy inventory. To solve this puzzle J , press the buttons to turn all the buttons green. Go down once A. Back up once.

  6. Casual mode refills a hint at sixty seconds, advanced mode refills at ninety seconds, and hardcore mode disables hints altogether. Take ROPE into inventory. Zoom into the machine; put the KEY into the slot J and turn it.

  7. Click to the far left of scene and go forward once. You may hover your mouse over the various areas to see what kind of achievements you can earn. Click on the BAG to zoom in. Mini Game — The object of this puzzle is to move the hamster through the maze and collect the spark plugs. There is a timer that shows a sixty second countdown when a hint is used.

  8. You will now go up in the air. Click on poster and watch video. Click on the flower circled in red to add to philanthropy inventory.

  9. I have played the hops like this before but it's been along time ago. Use the levers marked in purple to rotate the pieces into the correct position. The storyline was unique and flowed at a good pace. Go down and forward once.

  10. Note — You will need to play into chapter two before you gather enough flowers to complete the first panel. Once the inventory menu lifts up you can use the arrows along the sides to scroll through your items. Click on DOOR to zoom in. Enter the Conference Hall. To complete this mini-game C , swap gears to create rows and columns of three or more groups of similar gears until the ball reaches the top of the bar D.

  11. I enjoyed playing this game so much I went back and purchased the other "Surface" games. There is a dialogue menu that appears at the top of the screen as shown above and you will hear your character speak this dialogue. Keep an eye on the task list and complete these as soon as possible. Go back up the ladder over the bridge.

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