Hallowed Legends: Samhain

Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day in this exciting Adventure game! Battle the gods of yore to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends: Samhain. Depart on a fantastic adventure and learn the secrets behind an ancient Gaelic festival!

Click to take off. Diary — Clicking an object can add clues or information. There is more than one solution, but one that works is shown in the screenshot. If you are incorrect, the game will reset itself. Click on the ancient altar on the right to activate a puzzle U. Not all of the pipes must be used. Chapel Door Click on the door and place your Roller in the space. Go through the Chapel door. Examine the directions contained on the scroll. Leave the train station. Access the broken statue B. Access the desolate alcove and pick up the WIRE. ACID is added to inventory. Talk to the man and he will ask you to save his daughter.

Zoom into the bottom of the vending machine. He falls asleep B. During Samhain, the borders between worlds becomes thinner, the passages are revealed the hills open and all the supernatural rush out, ready to devour the human world. Access the lift control box A. Once you have completed basic game play, you will be able to play the Bonus Game. Put the KEY in the keyhole and go inside N. A large weight cannot be placed over a smaller weight. Red lights are incorrect. Zoom into the saw machine; place the GEAR on the bottom of the puzzle to activate it. Open the gate and go through it. Zoom into the coffin lock in the lower center. Correctly solving the puzzle causes the stone lion to open. Go through the opened gate. Go forward into the orb control room. Find all the hidden objects in the Foundry C.

Remove all the spheres except for the red one. Descend into the room below the coffin. Enter the warehouse. Exit the lab and head for the balloon. Zoom in on the gate and take the Tap. Click on the tiles in the correct order until they have all been pressed down. Quit — Exit the game. Click the lever. Note the drawings to release the balloon C. Advanced Mode is for those players who want the challenge of overcoming all the obstacles without extra help. Click the hot chimney to zoom in on the area. Left Scale: 12, 11, unmarked large, and unmarked small yellow. Access the Safe A. Return to the crypt door; go through it and down the steps.

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Zoom into Sparkle 2 broken boat again. Frozen Pond The light will reflect from Ha,lowed statue and bounce back to the girl with her face covered. The panel slides back. Place the GEAR on the empty peg. Head forward twice to reach the hotel. Zoom into the book in the lower left; click on the left page to add a journal page S. Exit the Pharmacy. View the conversation with the scientist A. Click the mountain crack. Return to the Chapel gate. Click Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist into the spot where the coffin Hallowed Legends: Samhain located. Then place the X 3 in the second slot. Click on a pipe to rotate it.

Please look at the screenshot for the final solution 9. Robert quit his job as an investigative journalist and became obsessed with Celtic mythology conspiracies. Click on the play sign on left to activate the puzzle. Return to the Hut C. Remove the kiln damper to access the oven. Open the oven door on right and zoom into it Attach the WIRE to the electronic console. Frozen Pond and Scriptorium Door Go through the blue door at the right of the scene. Chapter 7: Freeing the Boat Follow the path to a camp A. Use the bottom slot as a holding area. Examine the ritual circle by the tents. Return to the inside of the teepee. A list of all the Achievements and screenshot will be provided at the end of the walkthrough. Return to the Gas Station.

Access the hidden object area. Take the KEY for room Use the four screws to rotate the segments clockwise and counter-clockwise. Take Sparkle 2 COIN. Exit the Train Station and enter the Hotel.

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  1. Please look at the screenshot for the solution K. All significant location and items are marked with sparkles in Casual Mode. Head left to access the platform.

  2. Go left toward the balloon and tent Access the interactive area in the tent. Eye — Informational clues or new information for the diary. The relief falls away.

  3. Make note of the symbols that light up in the puzzle: the snake, eagle, and rabbit. Use the KEY to open room A. Rearrange the tiles to match the Solution, and the box will open for you to take the Dragon Ring. Examine the female statue; take the KEY T.

  4. Instead of proceeding to the weather station, follow the right arrow to some ruins. Place the lever in the slot as shown. Return to the gaming machine in the Hotel. Go to the Ice Cave. Go into the door to access the Lab.

  5. Click on center of the shield to add a journal page. Zoom into the stone plate covering the diver. Return to snowy field. A compartment at the bottom of the scale opens. Thanks, to the developers, producers, tech crew, designers, casting crew, directors, light crew, etc.

  6. Here is one I'd buy for all devices. Descend to the main floor. Click on the switch next to the gate 5. Based on playing full game. My kind of game.

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