Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown

Breaking news! The monarchy is at risk! Someone wearing a black cloak broke into the royal palace. The stranger was fearful and grim, and challenged the King's right to the throne. He accused the King of being unable to manage the kingdom, and demanded to be elected King himself! Help the King win the elections and defend the truth and justice in the kingdom.

Send a worker to bribe the pirate. Remove rock piles 7 and 8 to begin receiving income from the cottages. Strategy: 1 Summon 2 Workers to Farm. Cheer up the Leprechaun and begin constructing cabins. Begin the process of demolishing cabins and replacing them with chalets and gardens. You also need a Bank, Market and Sawmill. Strategy: 1 Build 4 Cabins giving you 5 Cabins total. Pay pirate 1 to gain access to the bank and more trees. Build Sawmill as close to Castle as possible, providing quicker trips for a Worker. Chop the trees and repair the bridge 2. Level Resources: 6 Workers. Cottages also require 50 Wood and 2 Workers for Upgrading or Restoring. Demolish house A and upgrade cottage B. Repair lantern 6 and begin chopping trees 7 and 8.

Belge Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown

Restore the obelisk behind the pirate to avoid paying the druid any more Royap and reveal a forestry building. Chop Chicken Invaders 2 and accumulate gold. Bribe the glutton. Arctic Circle: Levels Task: Accumulate units of happiness. New Features: Leprechauns see Notes. Level 18 Tasks: Collect units of food and wood and build on all lots. Ceown 8 Workers New Features: Decorations. Accumulate sufficient wood to upgrade five tbe and build and upgrade one 4 Elements II units are needed for all level wood requirements. Tips: Pirate Smoke is obscuring two additional Wood Cutters. Repair obelisk 2build four additional cabins, pay the second druid yellowand add gardens to all cabins. Accumulate units of food. Continue to buy food and wood as necessary. Do not strand your Farm workers there. The cabins generate sufficient income to keep two pirates busy inflating.

Cabins produce Gold as Basic Rent. Add a worker or two. Amass food units and then demolish the market and build the mill. Continue to gather Food from all bushes throughout level using any idle Workers. New Features: Smithy. Build and Upgrade 4 Cottages. Finish picking the food and buy units of wood. Demolish the market while upgrading the existing four cabins. Bribe the glutton. Level 56 Task: Produce 15 flutes. Rebuilding a Cabin takes 25 Wood and 1 Worker. Accumulate approximately 5, units of gold. Construct a flowerbed beside the mine; return the worker. Upgraded Cabins with Gardens on 3 other empty Lots.

Build a Sparkle 2 and sawmill. Upgrade the last chalet. Lure Elephant to drain the Swamp. New Features: Gluttons, Multiple Portals. Summon 2 Workers to each Forestry. New Features: Smithy. Engoy: units of food and assign the last worker to the fishery. Buy food in units from both markets. Build a house where the market was and construct a beehive. Click the load button to add wood to the warehouse and send a worker to an artisan. Goals: Food, Wood. Chop wood, buy food, and summon two workers; repair and upgrade the cottages. Chop wood and restore obelisks 7 and 8. Coconut Queen Features: Gold Mine. Build a cabin and building platform, add a garden to the cabin and upgrade it.

Add a garden to one cabin and restore the four remaining obelisks. Upgrade the last chalet. Start building the sawmill first. Strategy: 1 Build 4 Cabins giving you 5 Cabins total. Goals: 5 Workers 4 more needed , Gold. One will not be accessible until the first Bonfire Pirate is Paid. Notes: Pirate Smoke obscures part of the scene until you pay the Pirate to clear the smoke. Bribe the pirate at the end of the road. Continue chopping wood, Upgrade one cottage and repair obelisk 5. Arctic Circle: Levels Task: Accumulate units of happiness. You can attempt to build the bridge by building a Sawmill instead of a Market and pay the Pirate first getting Food to pay Glutton , or feed the Glutton First getting Wood for Bridge to Pirate. Strategy: Staff the farm; chop the trees and pick the food around the castle.


Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown - Expert Mode Level 56

Build on those sites. Bribe the glutton, repair the bridge, and build a cabin on the vacant site. Build and add a garden to a chalet. Upgrade cottages A and B. Remove the four workers before the fog sets in. Continue chopping trees. Obstacles: Rocks clear with 1 Worker, but no resource gained. Now you only need to keep the Bonfire next to the Bank going. Strategy: 1 Start chopping 2 Trees near Castle. Strategy: Chop the trees, staff the farm, and build two cottages to accumulate the gold to build a sawmill. Buy wood. Level 38 Tasks: Build on all empty lots, accumulate units of happiness, and restore all obelisks.

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  1. Add or dismiss one worker at the farm to supplement the buying and demolishing process. Finish picking gold and begin chopping wood. Construct the snow area.

  2. Dismiss all mine workers and buy food. Construct a market and add a building platform. Continue to accumulate gold. Use the third to remove the rocks.

  3. Level 51 Strategy: Fully staff both gold mines and chop trees. Build the fountain. Add two gramophones; build a market and finish chopping the wood next to the bank. Add two workers to the mine. Strategy: Use the two workers to pick units of food.

  4. Level 22 Tasks: Build 5 houses with gardens. Tricks: Hire 4 Workers. Buy 50 units of food with the proceeds from the demolished mill; build, upgrade, and add a garden to a cabin on the site of the demolished mill. Buy 50 units of food.

  5. Build a dovecote and build a fountain. Resources: 8 Workers. Goals: 1 Sawmill, 5 Upgraded Cabins, Gather all food from the bushes.

  6. Pick food. Build a market on the site next to the castle green. Notes: Do not wait to complete each numbered Step before starting the following Steps.

  7. Demolish the mill and build the market. The cabins generate sufficient income to keep two pirates busy inflating. The happiness level is now at units; free the Leprechaun. Restoring a Gold Mine takes 50 Wood and 1 Worker.

  8. Buy units of wood and build a fountain. Beehives require 50 Wood and 1 Worker. Pay the pirate. Escaped robbers deduct units from the amount accumulated.

  9. Restoring a Gold Mine takes 50 Wood and 1 Worker. Tips: You do not need a Market. Resources: 5 Workers. Strategy: Immediately demolish the sawmill and chop two trees.

  10. New building — Chalet Begin chopping wood. Demolish all the chalets and replace them with cabins and gardens to accumulate 10, units of gold faster. Buy food units.

  11. Strategy: Cut the trees and pick the food closest to the castle. Construct the third building platform; add gardens to the two cabins. Build and add a garden to the site where the bank was located.

  12. Buy food in unit increments. Do not buy more Food than you need to feed Gluttons and Build Houses. Repeat payment to re-light bonfire. Strategy: Demolish the two cottages and clear the paths to the mines.

  13. Resources: Wood, Food, 2 Workers. Level 26 Tasks: Add 8 flowerbeds and generate units of happiness. Upgrade all Cottages. Strategy: 1 Demolish the Statue to get Wood and Food. Chapter 7: Forest Valley.

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