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Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire in this fun Resource Management game. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing game of pirates, treasure and hot-air balloon adventures in Royal Envoy!

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Hire a worker. Dig out the treasures as soon as they are available. Upgrade the mansion to 3 stars. Level 26 — Hire 11 workers for a total of Royal Envoy 3 — chapter 6 Soaring Islands level 35 Level 36 — Build one fountain and five upgraded chalets with gardens. Erect the 3 flowers on the smilie-lots. It has enough strategy to keep Mystic Palace Slots entertained but not so much that you are constantly referring to a walk through. Tip: Five houses need Sparkle 2 dovecotes each. I usually can't do time management games due to arthritis in my hands. Repair the 3 bridges to Envoyy Royal Envoy rent. Demolish Royal Envoy and replace it with a sawmill. Island 7: Island of the Mountain Rivers Level 35 Goals: 1 market, 1 bank, 1 workshop, 6 chalets, 50 happiness Hire 2 workers. Withdraw all gold from the banks and hire workers.

Hire 4 tax collectors. Demolish the villas at the bottom and replace them one by one with a bank. Better then a lot I have played. Produce 3, units wood in total and erect fountains on the smilie-lots. Basic play is building and improving structures on several islands in a Kingdom. Keep the sawmill and the workshop running and build a villa on the empty lot. There are also treasure chests and buried treasure that contain gold, food and wood. Level 15 — Open four treasure chests, acquire happiness and build one statue. Tip: There are two buried treasures in this level. Build a workshop at the lower left of the castle and keep it going. Build a mansion with siding right next to the castle. Hire workers until you have at least 8, preferably 10 in total. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by elwilgo from Great game. Produce wood. Royal Envoy happened.

Do you need to buy workers first or build a market or pay off the pirate? When the workshop is ready, withdraw the gold from the bank and Rohal it. Demolish the sawmill and the markets and build 5 more cabins. Tip: You can stop fishing after Sparkle 2 fish have been caught. Stop trading War Chariots: Royal Legion at the market. Level 39 — Acquire happiness and 4, gold. Repair the left bridge leading to the mansions. Level 78 — Add two statues. Ignore the small lots and the Glutton. Demolish the third workshop and replace it with a market. A Royal Envoy good value for the Rooyal.

There are also treasure chests and buried treasure that contain gold, food and wood. Tasks might include building certain types of houses, buildings, overcome road blocks, etc. Chapter Oceania Levels Due to a lack of dry land, floating platforms are featured throughout this chapter. As with all chapters in the game, however, you must accomplish specific goals to progress from one level to the next. Tip: You need to chop down all the trees except the ones behind the second leprechaun. You also need 1, gold. Goals: 4 villas with gardens, 3 flowerbeds Start producing wood at the workshop and keep them running. Add siding to the chalets. Date published: Keep trading at both markets, just make sure to have 60 wood remaining to start up the workshops. The tasks you have to do get challenging and you have to do different tasks and levels to unlock different stuff so that was fun. Level 12 — Accumulate happiness and 15, gold. Withdraw the gold from the banks. Build 2 villas and 2 cottages, all with siding and garden.

Add gardens to all houses. Smoke blocks many important items from view, so clear it quickly. Build a workshop to the right next to the castle and keep it running. Pay the pirate's ransom lower left as soon as you have 35, gold. Another surprise is revealed by clearing the obstacle in the road. Pay the second pirate's ransom and add siding to the now appearing houses as well. Different homes, and buildings you can have each having a unique way of getting you resources. Build 3 cabins with siding. Repair both homes and add siding. Build 2 more markets. Level 17 — Acquire 2, gold and happiness. Royal Envoy 3 — Chapter 9 Drifting Glacier level 60 Level 61 — Build nine upgraded houses of any kind, one fountain and one statue.

Dig up the the treasure above the castle. Build lanterns on the lower smilie-lots. The graphics are good but seem to be suitable for a child's game. Build a sawmill on the lower left. Pay the pirate's ransom and start trading at the market Pay the next pirate's ransom and hire 3 tax collectors. Build 3 statues on the smilie-lots. Level 57 Goals: 50, gold, 5, Materials, 10 workers, 10 tax collectors, 50 happiness Collect the first rents and add siding afterwards. Upgrade bothmansions to 3 stars. Some things to be aware of about the eight levels in this chapter include: Level 35 — Acquire 4, gold and happiness. Collect rent, withdraw the gold from the bank and let the workers load the materials. Level 47 — Hire 21 workers to reach a total of 25, and free 13 workers. Tip: Chop all the trees down for a nice surprise. Tip: Before the bonfire goes out, dismiss workers from all production buildings or they will be trapped. Build a market on the lower right lot.


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  1. Demolish the villas. Level 51 Goals: 3 mansions with 3 stars, 6 flowers Collect the rent and pay off the pirate blocking the workshop. Repair the cabin at the top left. Chapter 8: Lost Corner Levels Thick fog enshrouds this region, but ancient obelisks can clear it away.

  2. Island 9: Island of the Mighty Volcano Level 54 Goals: 2 mansions with 3 stars, happiness Produce units of wood while clearing off the ways and lots from obstacles. Hire 7 tax collectors. Congratulations, you have finished the game. Add siding to the remaining villas.

  3. These include various houses, as well as banks, markets, and construction mills. Goals: 1 sawmill, happiness Repair both villas and upgrade to 2 stars. Build 2 villas with siding and gardens. Level 16 — Acquire 2, food.

  4. Don't forget to withdraw the gold from the bank. Level 18 — Catch 20 fish, acquire happiness, free all workers and repair all piers. Upgrade all houses and add gardens. Upgrade both villas to 3 stars. Level 33 — Build three sawmills and two markets.

  5. Repair the other bridge. Improve both cabins with a garden and build a fountain on the smilie-lot. Keep the workshop running by clicking it as soon as the working guy finishes his job. Level 57 — Acquire 1, happiness. By adding a lantern, one forestry and one farm will keep working.

  6. As soon as the workshop is available demolish the fountain. Build 2 chalets with siding. Royal Envoy 3 — chapter 2 Sunny Island level 8 Level 9 — Upgrade seven of any type of house, and accumulate 5, gold. Some things to be aware of about the eight levels in this chapter include: Level 35 — Acquire 4, gold and happiness. Tips: Ignore the pirate blocking one statue, and cheer up the leprechauns in increasing order of happiness.

  7. Different homes, and buildings you can have each having a unique way of getting you resources. My main complaint and the reason this got 4 stars instead of 5 is that it seems like on some levels, no matter what you do, you won't be able to get everything done before the gold thrmometer runs out. Once you have at least 1, units of wood, you may stop working at the workshops. Trade at the markets. Pay the pirate's ransom lower left as soon as you have 35, gold.

  8. Dig up the treasures and tear down the sawmills as soon as you do not have any gold anymore. Start running the workshop and trade at the market. Tips: All of the upper lots are unaffected by bees. Level 34 — Acquire 1, happiness.

  9. Demolish the sawmill and replace it with a cabin with siding. Repair the bridge at the top and add siding to the cabins. Clear off the obstructions by sending one worker.

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